Areas of Upper Mississippi River Refuge will be closed or restricted

THOMSON — The United States Fish and Wildlife Service announced that areas within the Upper Mississippi River Refuge are subject to special regulations concerning access and waterfowl hunting.

The affected areas near Savanna are the Lost Mount Unit, Spring Lake Sanctuary, Frog Pond Recreation Area and a section of the Great River Bike Trail. The main channel of Crooked Sough is closed to all hunting while land and water east of it is closed to public access. Upland areas along the west side of River Road Wildlife Drive to the observation deck are closed to hunting and trapping. The Spring Lake Sanctuary is closed to all migratory bird hunting year round and closed to all public access until Dec. 20. The public is allowed to walk or bicycle to the observation deck. The frog pond is closed to hunting year round. Also, along the Great River Bike Trail near Mesquaki Lake a no hunting zone extends 150 yards paralleling the trail from Plum River south to Seven Eagles Resort.

The affected areas near Thomson are Potters Marsh Waterfowl Hunt area and Great River Bike Trail. At Potters Marsh, migratory bird hunting is allowed only at 49 designated sites, which require special permit. The buffer one extends 400 yards to the west and north of the Potters Marsh Blind Management Zone at river miles 522.5 to 525.0 and is closed to all waterfowl hunting during the regular season. A 50-yard no hunting zone is established along the trail to provide safe passage for walkers and cyclists.

For additional information and maps, call 815-273-2732.

Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge extends 261 miles from Wabasha, Minnesota, to Princeton, Iowa and is 240,000 acres in size. It was established in 1924.

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