3 Tips for Navigating Child Custody During the Holidays

After a painful divorce, there can be a lot of uncertainty and stress during the holidays. Sometimes an ex-spouse can be inflexible and uncooperative when it comes to parenting issues, including child custody parameters. Even if that’s not the case, the holidays can be a trying time for parents and their children after a divorce. Here are 3 tips for navigating child custody during the holidays:

1. Be both patient and flexible. “The holiday season can be hectic and overwhelming, even when things are going smoothly,” explained divorce attorney Samuel J. Diamond. “Try to not schedule too many activities for the children, and consider celebrating on a different day that works better for your and your ex-spouse’s schedule.”

2. Remember the holidays are about love, time, and attention, not presents. “Gift-giving and budgets can often change after a divorce, so focus on spending time with loved ones instead of spending too much on presents that don’t mean much,” added Diamond. “Parents often feel guilty about how their children’s holidays will be different after a divorce, but it’s important to focus on fun and togetherness during this special time of year.”

3. Start new traditions with your children. “Reach out to loved ones near and far, especially if you need help with shopping, carpooling, decorating, cooking, and planning activities for the kids,” said Diamond. “Ask your children to come up with their own ideas for new traditions, which can include watching a Christmas movie, making a special meal, or decorating the tree a certain way. Change can be good, and new traditions can be both fun and memorable.”

If you anticipate any child custody issues with your ex-spouse during the holidays, make sure you have the legal representation you need. Diamond Divorce Law has been helping families through divorce in McHenry county for decades.

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