Opinion: Unless the states and the nation - and the world - develop a plan for long-range containment, we run the risk of monkeypox becoming another infectious disease we will eventually regret not having done more to contain.

Opinion: Could the cancelation of a parade be a harbinger in communities across the country as they increasingly find their residents to be targets of convenience for any aggrieved, angry or just plain addled homicidal individual?

Law enforcement officers throughout the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Region 5 - comprising Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin - are conducting a special Speed Awareness Day campaign to emphasize the risks and human costs of speeding.

Opinion: As children, we are fascinated by their metamorphosis and delighted by the patterns of their wings. As we grow older, we pause when they flutter by, admiring their grace, envying their freedom and marveling at their gift of flight.