August 18, 2022


Here’s La Salle County’s unofficial elections results for the 2022 primary

Coverage included federal, state, county races and referendums

Here is our coverage from La Salle County races in Tuesday’s primary.

La Salle County records low election turnout

U.S. House 16th District: U.S. Rep. Darin LaHood thanks voters for GOP nomination in Illinois’ 16th Congressional District race

Governor: Republican state Sen. Darren Bailey wins GOP bid for Illinois governor to take on Democrat JB Pritzker this fall

State representative 74th District: Fritts wins 74th House District

State representative 75th District: Challenger Davis leading incumbent Welter in 75th District State House Race

State representative 105th District: Tipsword emerges as leader of 105th House race

State senate 37th District: Stoller leads Nicklaus in 37th Senate race

La Salle County clerk, county board: Ebner on her way to GOP nomination for clerk after Stohr concedes

Voters weigh in on La Salle County referendums


The results do not include provisionally cast or late-arriving, mail-in ballots. Vote totals are not finalized until two weeks after Election Day.

Races are listed in the order they appear on the La Salle County Clerk’s Office website. Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding.

U.S. Senator - Democratic: Tammy Duckworth 4,086

U.S. Senator - Republican: Peggy Hubbard 1,897, Kathy Salvi 1,880, Matthew Dubiel 1,365, Casey Chlebek 1,034, Robert “Bobby” Piton 999, Anthony Williams 630, Jimmy Lee Tillman II 499

Governor/Lt. Gov - Democratic: Pritzker and Stratton 3,633, Miles and Shaw 476, Write-in 7

Governor/Lt. Gov - Republican: Bailey and Trussell 6,124, Sullivan and Murphy 1,276, Irvin and Bourne 969, Schimpf and Shofield 412, Rabine and Del Mar 297, Solomon and Fields 72, Write-in 4

Attorney general - Democratic: Kwame Raoul 3,906

Attorney general - Republican: Thomas DeVore 3,338, Steve Kim 2,620, David Shestokas 2,251

Secretary of state - Democratic: Alexi Giannoulias 2,268, Anna Velencia 1,362, David Moore 274, Sidney Moore 148

Secretary of state - Republican: Dan Brady 6,695, John Milhiser 1,571

Treasurer - Democratic: Michael Frerichs 3,833

Treasurer - Republican: Tom Demmer 7,701

Comptroller - Democratic: Susana Mendoza 3,992

Comptroller - Republican: Shannon Teresi 7, 676

U.S. House-14th District Democratic: Lauren Underwood 3,382

U.S. House-14th District Republican: James Marter 1,932, Mike Koolidge 1,737, Scott Gryder 1,591, Jaime Milton 723, Jack Lombardi II 660

U.S. House-16th District Democratic: None

U.S. House-16th District Republican: Darin LaHood 1,042, Walt Peters 278, JoAnne Guillemette 260, Michael Rebresh 234

Central Committeewoman-14th District Democratic: Christine Benson 2,355, Natalie A. Manley 998

Central Committeewoman-16th District Democratic: Elizabeth Lindquist 534

Central Committeeman-14th District Democratic: Tom Walsh 2,274, Kevin Duffy Blackburn 593, Michael Crowner 395, John Laesch 203

Central Committeeman-16th District Democratic: John Daniel 328, Rick Wilkin 202

State Senator-37th District Democratic: None

State Senator-37th District Republican: Brett Nicklaus 665, Win Stoller 633

State Senator-38th District Democratic: None

State Senator-38th District Republican: Sue Rezin 5,034

State Senator-53rd District Democratic: None

State Senator-53rd District Republican: Jason Barickman 1,639

State representative-74th District Democratic: None

State representative-74th District Republican: Bradley Fritts 910, Liandro “Li” Arellano Jr. 403

State representative-75th District Democratic: None

State representative-75th District Republican: Jed Davis 990, David Allen Welter 733

State representative-76th District Democratic: Lance Yednock 2,446

State representative-76th District Republican: Jason Haskell 3,260

State representative-105th District Democratic: None

State representative-105th District Republican: Dennis Tipsword Jr. 95, Donald Rients 70, Mike Kirkton 58, Kyle Ham 37

State representative-106th District Democratic: None

State representative-106th District Republican: Thomas Bennett 1,344

County clerk Democratic: Lori Bongartz 3,964

County clerk Republican: Jennifer Ebner 4,245, Steven Stohr 3,800

Treasurer Democratic: None

Treasurer Republican: James Spelich 7,661

Sheriff Democratic: None

Treasurer Republican: Adam Diss 7,745

Regional superintendent of schools - DeKalb Democratic: Amanda Chirstensen 303

Regional superintendent of school - DeKalb Republican: None

Regional superintendent of school - La Salle-Marsall-Putnam Democratic: Christopher Dvorak 3,528

Regional superintendent of school - La Salle-Marshall-Putnam Republican: None

County Board District 1 Democratic: None

County Board District 1 Republican: Joanne McNally 239

County Board District 2 Democratic: None

County Board District 2 Republican: Gary Small 339

County Board District 3 Democratic: None

County Board District 3 Republican: Kindra Pottinger 465

County Board District 4 Democratic: None

County Board District 4 Republican: Beth Findley Smith 480

County Board District 5 Democratic: None

County Board District 5 Republican: Catherine Owens 282, John Middleton 210

County Board District 6 Democratic: None

County Board District 6 Republican: None

County Board District 7 Democratic: None

County Board District 7 Republican: Craig Emmett 334

County Board District 8 Democratic: None

County Board District 8 Republican: Douglas Stockley 289

County Board District 9 Democratic: Carolyn Moore 105

County Board District 9 Republican: Ray Gatza 228, Joseph Nuske 62

County Board District 10 Democratic: Joseph Oscepinski Jr. 150

County Board District 10 Republican: Glen Pratt 191

County Board District 11 Democratic: Write-in 36

County Board District 11 Republican: Rick O’Sadnick 125, Martin Rue Jr. 97

County Board District 12 Democratic: Jill Bernal 177

County Board District 12 Republican: Lynnette Thompson 201

County Board District 13 Democratic: Mike Kasap 80

County Board District 13 Republican: Crystal Loughran 76

County Board District 14 Democratic: Joseph Savitch 159

County Board District 14 Republican: None

County Board District 15 Democratic: David Torres 132

County Board District 15 Republican: None

County Board District 16 Democratic: Joseph Panzica Jr. 138

County Board District 16 Republican: William Brown Jr. 160, Nicole Mertes 116

County Board District 17 Democratic: Douglas Trager 197

County Board District 17 Republican: None

County Board District 18 Democratic: Write-in 43

County Board District 18 Republican: Lloyd Chapman 172

County Board District 19 Democratic: Lou Ann Carretto 189

County Board District 19 Republican: None

County Board District 20 Democratic: Tom Walsh 169

County Board District 20 Republican: None

County Board District 21 Democratic: Brian Dose 158

County Board District 21 Republican: None

County Board District 22 Democratic: Jerry Hicks 150

County Board District 22 Republican: Stephen Aubry 301

County Board District 23 Democratic: None

County Board District 23 Republican: Michael McEmery 235

County Board District 24 Democratic: None

County Board District 24 Republican: Arratta Znaniecki 337

County Board District 25 Democratic: None

County Board District 25 Republican: Write-in 28

County Board District 26 Democratic: None

County Board District 26 Republican: None

County Board District 27 Democratic: None

County Board District 27 Republican: Walter Roach 207

County Board District 28 Democratic: None

County Board District 28 Republican: Matt Slager 265, Write-in 5

County Board District 29 Democratic: None

County Board District 29 Republican: Tina Busch 408

New combined unit district Somonauk/Leland: No 610, Yes 596

Dana fire department question: Yes 28, No 6

Abolish Serena sanitary district: Yes 15, No 1

Supreme Court Judge Third District (Killbride vacancy) Democratic: Mary O’Brien 3,838

Supreme Court Judge Third District (Killbride vacancy) Republican: Michael Burke 7,542

Appellate Court Judge Third District (Wright vacancy) Democratic: James Murphy 2,146, Sonni Choi Williams 1,608

Appellate Court Judge Third District (Wright vacancy) Republican: Liam Christopher Brennan 7,372

Circuit Court Judge 13th District (Daugherity vacancy) Democratic: Christina Cantlin 3,865

Circuit Court Judge 13th District (Daugherity vacancy) Republican: Jason Helland 7,452

Precinct Committee Dimmick Democratic: Carolyn Moore 33

Precinct Committee Earl 2 Democratic: Janice Wolff 29

Precinct Committee Farm Ridge Democratic: James Hinterlong 41

Precinct Committee Hope Democratic: Michael “Mike” Phillips 29

Precinct Committee La Salle 3 Democratic: Mike Kasap 29

Precinct Committee La Salle 5 Democratic: Nikki Baer 37

Precinct Committee La Salle 6 Democratic: Kathleen Ford 32

Precinct Committee La Salle 8 Democratic: Dani Brzozowski 36

Precinct Committee La Salle 10 Democratic: Dominic Rivara 25

Precinct Committee La Salle 12 Democratic: Kimberly Curran 41

Precinct Committee La Salle 13 Democratic: David Torres 14

Precinct Committee Manlius 1 Democratic: James L. Maierhofer 43

Precinct Committee Manlius 4 Democratic: Robert Alaimo 53

Precinct Committee Manlius 5 Democratic: David Raikes 31

Precinct Committee Mendota 4 Democratic: James McGill 17

Precinct Committee Ottawa 2 Democratic: Tom Walsh 42

Precinct Committee Ottawa 3 Democratic: Terry Bell 19

Precinct Committee Ottawa 4 Democratic: Christine Benson 66

Precinct Committee Ottawa 5 Democratic: Mike Nanouski 46

Precinct Committee Ottawa 6 Democratic: Thomas Ganiere 17

Precinct Committee Ottawa 8 Democratic: Thomas Miller 57

Precinct Committee Otter Creek 2 Democratic: Terry Williams 26

Precinct Committee Peru 4 Democratic: Christine M. Powers 18

Precinct Committee Peru 7 Democratic: Scott Miller 38

Precinct Committee South Ottawa 1 Democratic: Lori Bongartz 50

Precinct Committee South Ottawa 4 Democratic: Donald Leipold 40

Precinct Committee South Ottawa 7 Democratic: Katherin Leipold 61

Precinct Committee South Ottawa 8 Democratic: Anne Lauterjung 24

Precinct Committee Utica 1 Democratic: Joseph Panzica 76

Precinct Committee Utica 2 Democratic: Catherine Cahill Rosen 17

Precinct Committee Vermillion Democratic: James Conness 9

Precinct Committee Adams 2 Republican: Write-in 18

Precinct Committee Allen Republican: Bernard Jenkins 43

Precinct Committee Brookfield Republican: Ralph Coyle Sr. 93

Precinct Committee Bruce 1 Republican: Thomas Krieger 52

Precinct Committee Bruce 2 Republican: Write-in 5

Precinct Committee Bruce 3 Republican: Robert Jakupcak Jr. 42

Precinct Committee Bruce 4 Republican: Write-in 5

Precinct Committee Bruce 5 Republican: Margaret Kreier 66

Precinct Committee Bruce 6 Republican: Paul Yeck 63

Precinct Committee Bruce 8 Republican: Delisa Leonard 21

Precinct Committee Bruce 9 Republican: Bernice Durdan-Rowland 70

Precinct Committee Bruce 10 Republican: William “Craig” Martin

Precinct Committee Bruce 11 Republican: Angela Broad 54

Precinct Committee Bruce 12 Republican: Gloria Patterson 50

Precinct Committee Dayton 2 Republican: Dennis Corbin Jr. 65, Joshua Roach 49

Precinct Committee Deer Park Republican: Donald Jensen 51

Precinct Committee Dimmick Republican: Ray Gatza 66

Precinct Committee Eagle 1 Republican: Walter Roach 66

Precinct Committee Eagle 2 Republican: Write-in 21

Precinct Committee Eagle 3 Republican: Write-in 7

Precinct Committee Earl 1 Republican: Carol Wiedmann 104, Jacob Neal 29

Precinct Committee Earl 2 Republican: George Richter 132

Precinct Committee Eden 2 Republican: Write-in 23

Precinct Committee Fall River Republican: Heidi Weiss 71

Precinct Committee Farm Ridge Republican: Kevin Chalfant 85

Precinct Committee Freedom Republican: Steven Tuftie 73

Precinct Committee Grand Rapids Republican: Charles Durdan 34

Precinct Committee Groveland Republican: Duane Knepp 86

Precinct Committee Hope Republican: Randy Railey 58

Precinct Committee La Salle 3 Republican: Steven Malo 21

Precinct Committee La Salle 5 Republican: Elizabeth Bishop 47, Lynette Thompson 20

Precinct Committee La Salle 6 Republican: Michael Pecherek 64

Precinct Committee La Salle 8 Republican: James Cleary 36, April Stevenson 17, Alissa Gearhart 16

Precinct Committee La Salle 9 Republican: Carla Margis 64

Precinct Committee La Salle 10 Republican: Chris Lukow 35

Precinct Committee La Salle 11 Republican: James Matthews 70

Precinct Committee La Salle 12 Republican: 6

Precinct Committee La Salle 13 Republican: Elizabeth Linowski 31

Precinct Committee La Salle 14 Republican: Amanda Carter 24

Precinct Committee Manlius 3 Republican: Norma Vazquez 75

Precinct Committee Manlius 5 Republican: Jayme Cook 84

Precinct Committee Mendota 1 Republican: Karyn Bock 19

Precinct Committee Mendota 4 Republican: Carol Ramer 51

Precinct Committee Mendota 6 Republican: JoAnne McNally 74

Precinct Committee Mendota 7 Republican: Curtis Faber 91

Precinct Committee Mission 1 Republican: Ronald Vaughan 136

Precinct Committee Mission 2 Republican: Charles Borchsenius 153

Precinct Committee Northville 1 Republican: Joan Bright 150

Precinct Committee Northville 5 Republican: Jon Swenson 112, Brenda Day 78

Precinct Committee Northville 6 Republican: Larry Smith 123, Allen Erbrederis 53

Precinct Committee Northville 7 Republican: Jerry Owens 84

Precinct Committee Ottawa 1 Republican: Michael Buiting 44

Precinct Committee Ottawa 8 Republican: Write-in 10

Precinct Committee Ottawa 9 Republican: Todd Volker 40

Precinct Committee Ottawa 11 Republican: Christine Simmons 29

Precinct Committee Ottawa 12 Republican: Jameson Campaigne 60

Precinct Committee Ottawa 13 Republican: Lloyd Chapman 69

Precinct Committee Otter Creek 1 Republican: Pat Daly 47

Precinct Committee Otter Creek 2 Republican: Tony Tooley 63

Precinct Committee Otter Creek 3 Republican: Joseph Skaff 64, Frank Rizzo 43

Precinct Committee Peru 1 Republican: Crystal Loughran 12

Precinct Committee Peru 3 Republican: Write-in 11

Precinct Committee Peru 4 Republican: Cynthia Carus 42

Precinct Committee Peru 5 Republican: Jennifer Ebner 65

Precinct Committee Peru 6 Republican: Glen Pratt 60

Precinct Committee Peru 8 Republican: Jason Haskell 30

Precinct Committee Peru 9 Republican: Martin Rue Jr. 76

Precinct Committee Peru 11 Republican: G. Thomas Stevenson 53

Precinct Committee Rutland 1 Republican: Stephen Aubry 112, Rebecca Kovash 39

Precinct Committee Rutland 2 Republican: Russell Boe 62

Precinct Committee Rutland 3 Republican: Stephanie Simko 62, June Steder 28

Precinct Committee Serena Republican: Larry Langston 161

Precinct Committee South Ottawa 2 Republican: Wilbur Zeal 43

Precinct Committee South Ottawa 6 Republican: Frances Gibson 72

Precinct Committee South Ottawa 7 Republican: Jessica Watland 98

Precinct Committee South Ottawa 8 Republican: Arratta Znaniecki 50

Precinct Committee Troy Grove 1 Republican: Teresa Schmidt 57

Precinct Committee Utica 1 Republican: Joseph Zeman 75, Joyce Breeden 46

Precinct Committee Utica 2 Republican: Travis Breeden 45

Precinct Committee Vermillion Republican: Tina Busch 52

Precinct Committee Wallace Republican: Karen Friestad Miller 47

Precinct Committee Waltham Republican: Josha Mammen 44