Here’s DeKalb County’s unofficial election results for Tuesday’s primary

Election 2024
Candidates and supporters wait for election results Tuesday, June 28, 2022, during a Democrat candidate watch party at Fatty's Pub and Grille in DeKalb.

These are the unofficial election results for contested races across DeKalb County as of about 1 a.m. Wednesday.

DeKalb County reported a 24% voter turnout, according to the DeKalb County Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

A software issue in the clerk’s office also delayed publishing race results for about two and a half hours Tuesday night.

The results do not include provisionally cast or late-arriving, mail-in ballots. Vote totals are not finalized until two weeks after Election Day.

An asterisk indicates who is leading in each race. Two candidates from each DeKalb County Board race moves on to the November ballot.

Candidates are in the order they appear on the DeKalb County Clerk & Recorder’s Office website. Listed are results from contested races. Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding.

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Nonpartisan referendums

Village of Kirkland sales tax referendum

No - 131 votes, or 34%

Yes - 125 votes, or 33%

Leland School District CUSD 1 and Somonauk CUSD District 432 referendum to combine districts

Two referendums appeared for the same purpose on the DeKalb County voter ballots: One from the Leland school district, and the other from the Somonauk school district.

DeKalb County vote tally for Leland schools referendum:

Yes - 45 votes, or 24%

No - 18 votes, or 9%

DeKalb County vote tally for Somonauk schools referendum:

No - 336 votes, or 50%

Yes - 236 votes, or 35%

Hampshire Fire District referendum for levy increase of 0.10%, new fire station request

DeKalb County vote tally:

No - 48 votes, or 6%

Yes - 39 votes, or 4%

A second referendum asked voters in DeKalb and Kane Counties whether they’d approve issuing $4.5M worth of bonds to pay for a new fire station and emergency response vehicles and equipment.

DeKalb County vote tally:

Yes - 40 votes, or 5%

No - 15 votes, or 1%

Cortland Fire Protection District referendum on property tax increase

Yes - 506 votes, or 47%

No - 225 votes, or 21%

Flewellin Memorial Library referendum for property tax levy

No - 151 votes, or 49%

Yes - 149 votes, or 48%

Republican primaries

U.S. Senator

Kathy Salvi: 2,122 votes (14%)*

Peggy Hubbard: 1,628 votes (11%)

Matthew “Matt” Dubiel: 1,236 votes (8%)

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Darren Bailey and Stephanie Trussell: 440,791 (57%)*

Jesse Sullivan and Kathleen Murphy: 120,876 (16%)

Richard Irvin and Avery Bourne: 114,908 (15%)

Gary Rabine and Aaron Del Mar: 51,011 (7%)

Paul Schimpf and Carolyn Schofield: 32,820 (4%)

Max Solomon and Latasha Fields: 7,049 (1%)

Attorney General

Thomas G. DeVore: 299,808 votes (44%)*

Steve Kim: Paul Schimpf and Carolyn Schofield: 32,820 (4%)

David Shestokas: 144,625 (21%)

Secretary of State

Dan Brady: 526,076 votes (77%)*

John C. Milhiser: 161,274 (23%)

11th Congressional District

Catalina Lauf: 15,189 (31%)*

Mark Joseph Carroll: 9,822 (20%)

Jerry Evans: 10,997 votes (22%)

Susan L. Hathaway-Altman: 5,909 (12%)

Cassandra Tanner Miller: 3,671 (8%)

Andrea Heeg: 3,297 (7%)

14th Congressional District

Mike Koolidge: 9,183 votes (20.6%)

Scott R. Gryder: 13,783 votes (30.9%)

James T. “Jim” Marter: 10,785 votes (24.2%)

Jack Lombardi II: 6,278 votes (14.1%)

Jaime Milton: 4,528 votes (10.2%)

16th Congressional District

Darin LaHood: 55,957 votes (66%)*

JoAnne Guillemette: 10,377 (12%)

Walt Peters: 11,208 (13%)

Michael Rebresh: 6,843 (8%)

Illinois Senate District 35

Dave Syverson: 15,212 votes (75%)*

Eli Nicolosi: 5,024 (25%)

Illinois Senate District 37

Brett S. Nicklaus:

Win Stoller:

Illinois House District 74

Bradley J. Fritts: 6,160 votes

Liandro “Le” Arellano Jr.: 4,541 votes

Illinois House District 75

Jed Davis: 54%

David Allen Welter: 46%

Illinois House District 89

Tony M. McCombie: 4,971 votes (42.3%)

Victoria Onorato: 1,428 votes

DeKalb County Board - District 1

Maureen Little: 487 votes (30%)*

Bradley Robert Belanger: 463 votes (29%)*

Lawrence Mark West: 331 votes (21%)

23rd Judicial Circuit Court

Marcy Buick: 4,418 votes (30%)*

Riley Oncken: 3,723 votes (25%)

Democratic primaries

U.S. Senator

Tammy Duckworth: 5,308 votes (37%)*

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

JB Pritzker and Juliana Strattion: 731,648 votes (92%)*

Beverly Miles and Karla Shaw: 65,570 (8%)

Attorney General

Kwame Raoul: 5,202 votes (36%)*

Secretary of State:

Alexi Giannoulias: 2,547 votes (17%)*

Anna M. Valencia: 2,107 votes (14%)

David H. Moore: 372 votes (2%)

Sidney Moore: 217 votes (1%)