Supportive scaffolding will not be installed at proposed brewpub site in La Salle

CL seeks a more permanent solution

The scaffolding intended to prevent a possible collapse of the proposed brewpub will no longer be installed by building owners CL Real Estate. Instead, CL intends to pursue a more permanent solution.

The building at 801-805 First St. in downtown La Salle was inspected by Wendler Engineering, a third-party engineering firm hired by the city. A report by Wendler found one wall put the building in danger of collapse, and CL responded by ordering scaffolding to stabilize it.

The renovation of the Maytag building at 801-805 First St. in downtown La Salle is a $4.5 million, 13,000 square foot redevelopment project to turn the building into the Rocket Brewpub.

Alderman Jerry Reynolds said the scaffolding is expensive and not the best solution to the problem. If CL went ahead with the scaffolding, it would mean taking away time and money from a permanent solution and getting the project done.

Reynolds now serves as a communication liaison between CL and the city, with this Monday’s update being the first since he’s began the position. Reynolds said he meets with CL every Monday and will have updates at every future City Council meeting.

Alderman Joe Jeppson said Monday’s update was a step in the right direction and a great line of communication. He said this is good progress compared to years past where the city would go months without an update.

Mayor Jeff Grove cited the incident of a building collapse in July 2021, where a vacant tavern on the northeast corner of First and Tonti streets abruptly collapsed. He said he wants residents to know the city is involved and working hard to keep people safe and make the project happen.

CL hired a new contractor that needs to look over the work done previously. Next Monday, Reynolds plans to ask CL about dates and a timeline for the project based on the information CL gets from its new contractor.