Updates on La Salle brewpub progress expected every 2 weeks

CL chooses a new contractor for the project

Updates on the progress of the proposed brewpub in La Salle can be expected every two weeks, according to Alderman Jerry Reynolds.

Reynolds will act as a communication liaison between CL Enterprises, owners of the 801-805 First St. Maytag building, and the city of La Salle. Reynolds said at Monday’s regular council meeting he’ll have frequent communication with representatives from CL and will report back at every City Council meeting with progress updates.

“We welcome communication with Alderman Jerry Reynolds,” according to a statement from CL. “We continually strive to have a good relationship with the city and have a great deal of respect for Alderman Reynolds.”

The renovation of the Maytag building in downtown La Salle is a $4.5 million, 13,000 square foot redevelopment project to turn the building into the Rocket Brewpub.

Recent inspection results from the proposed brewpub building showed structural dangers and instability. Wendler Engineering was hired by the city in June to inspect the Kaskaskia hotel, also under renovation by CL, and also was invited by CL to inspect the Maytag building.

The results of the inspection report for the Maytag building returned last week recommending immediate action to stabilize the building with walkway scaffolding. CL has ordered the scaffolding.

“The engineering team has considered all of the items the city’s consultant raised and addressed each one,” according to a statement from CL. “Our architects and engineers have a tremendous track record successfully renovating historic buildings, and we have full confidence in their abilities moving forward.”

The former contractor hired by CL to work on the proposed brewpub project is no longer involved. Because of the slow progress and issues with the contractor, CL terminated the contract. CL has selected a contractor and said they anticipate receiving updated subcontractor proposals shortly. The announcement of who the new contractor is will come once CL has the bid adjustment from the subcontractors.

Alderman Tom Ptak asked Economic Development Director Leah Inman, who was present during both inspections, about inspection results from the Kaskaskia hotel. Inman said there were a few areas in the building that appeared to be problem areas during the walk through, but the extent of those issues are uncertain.

There are no updates at this time about when the inspection results from the Kaskaskia will be released.