Boredom busters for dogs: inside games to play when it’s cold outside

Cedar Lane Kennels - Boredom busters for dogs: inside games to play when it’s cold outside

Does the winter season have you and your pets stuck inside more than usual? Unfortunately, bored dogs may try to seek out their own fun. Here are some games to play with your furry friends to keep them warm and entertained when it’s too cold to go outside:

1. Nose work

Encourage your canine companion’s natural desire to hunt with nose work. Just hide small dog treats or kibble around the house and let your four-legged friend have fun trying to sniff them out.

2. Hide and seek

This game is ideal for pets who understand basic commands like sit, stay and come. The American Kennel Club recommends leading your pet to a room, asking them to stay, leaving the room and hiding in a different location, and calling your pet’s name to come and find you. Celebrate by rewarding your furry friend with praise and a treat.

3. Obstacle course

Keep your four-legged friend active and mentally stimulated by creating an indoor obstacle course. The AKC recommends using common household objects to design the course, such as boxes for your dog to crawl through or a stack of books for your pet to jump over.

4. Fetch

What dog doesn’t like a game of fetch? Make it safer indoors by using a soft, plush ball. Just toss it and watch your furry friend chase after it.

5. Take an indoor walk

Have a pet who could use some extra leash training? The AKC recommends working with your dog on loose leash training. When your pet is walking next to you, and not pulling on the leash, reward that behavior with treats and praise.

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