Is LinkedIn The Missing Tool For Graduating Seniors?

RHK Construction - Is LinkedIn The Missing Tool For Graduating Seniors?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional network, with almost 200 million users in the U.S. and 900 million global users as of 2023. The site can help users to find the right job or internship, create and strengthen professional relationships, and learn skills needed to succeed in their chosen career.

“Graduating seniors are entering a vital transition as they emerge into the workforce, college, licensing exams, or certification courses for their career path,” said Katie Heiden, CEO of RHK Construction. “With so much technology available, we should be providing guidance to graduating seniors so they can set up a LinkedIn profile to connect with their peers and industry leaders. We need more conversations that highlight the impact LinkedIn could have on students’ future endeavors.”

According to Heiden, LinkedIn has proven its strength during the very challenging past three years. “When most communication was limited to Zoom calls, LinkedIn kept people, industries, and professionals connected,” she explained. “Getting in touch with different industry leaders is still challenging when using the traditional methods of cold calling and sending out printed resumes.”

Some of the top industry leaders have different forms of education to their credit, including community college, licensing exams, and online certification courses. “Taking the time to join this professional network will allow new users to connect with people who have similar educational paths and experiences,” added Heiden. “LinkedIn could be the tool that helps graduating seniors to be successful in the workforce!”

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