Letter: St. Charles school district needs to rethink contract with Deep Equity

To the editor:

St. Charles School District 303 Board recently awarded a contract for training employees using a workbook, “The Deep Equity Process.” The public can sign up for a 20 minute review.

Author Gary R. Howard, under the header “The Search for Authentic Identity,” states that “before White America can fully participate in this active partnership for change, we need to come to terms with who we are as a people” on p. 307 and “It is time for a re-definition of White America” on p. 310. The conclusion of the workbook is “Teachings for a New America.” This is Critical Race Theory in a nutshell.

Workbook content claims historically, our society was one of a Social Dominance Paradigm, on p. 133 with “negative attributes” such as gender as fixed binary. The preferred evolved society requires a social justice paradigm of “positive attributes” which references a progressive ideology inculcated in the tenets of secular humanism.

The social justice section 18 on p.138 requests attendees of the training to share one example of how “systems of privilege and preference” function within personal interactions, relationships and practices within your school district. Second, describe how dynamics of dominance is at work and third, how do we work with issues of privilege and power.

Upon completion of the course, an Evaluation Review of the Training p. 257 references Strategies for dealing with Resistance. The guidance: Make public the most “damaging” evaluation comments and call out those persons in the group.

Bully, blame and shame those who have a different value belief system, silencing those who dare to express a contrary opinion.

I respectfully urge the School Board to cancel the expensive contract with an outside ideological group that takes a wrecking ball approach to sensitive sociocultural issues. This organization doesn’t know our St. Charles community and the dedicated, professional faculty and staff in District 303.

Ron Weddle

St. Charles