Letter: Community solar is an easy way to support renewable energy and save money

Most of us can agree that using solar energy to power our homes is a good thing, especially if it lowers our electric bills.

But installing rooftop solar panels isn’t an option for everyone. My roof, for instance, has too much shading for solar to work well. I was glad to learn that Illinois has a new option, community solar, that allows me to support renewable energy generated hereIllinois without installing anything on my home. In the past year, we’ve learned to do lots of things remotely. Now solar farm subscriptions allow renewable energy to go remote. I think more people should take advantage of it.

I subscribed to a community solar farm through Clearway Community Solar to get behind sending solar energy to our local grid. In return, I get guaranteed energy savings. Community solar makes it easy for me to be part of the transition to homegrown solar energy, no matter what kind of roof I have.

I’m glad community solar is an option for everyone who wants save money and support renewables. It’s the energy shift we need in Illinois and I hope more people in our community will sign up.

Tracey McFadden