Elburn Village Board decides to put off Welch Creek Industrial Park project for now

The Village of Elburn has decided to shelve the sidewalks and paths project in the Welch Creek Industrial Park for the time being.

“As far as our work, the village’s path that was talked about and allocating money for it in the budget, it sounds like we’re shelving that,” said Village President Jeff Walter. “I mean, we’re putting it up on the shelf so that it’s ready to go and we pull it down when we need to do it.”

Village Trustees Sue Filek and Patricia Schuberg both shared their recent experiences evaluating the site and discussed what they learned during the Committee of the Whole meeting on May 3.

“It gave me a different perspective and no one is going to be really seen on it,” Filek said. “Is it a safe path for people to use as a walking path?”

Schuberg echoed the sentiment of feeling isolated but also saw budding possibilities.

“I saw a lot of potential because it could be a really nice area if the Welch Creek side were cleaned up and some of the excess trees and the wetlands and the retention area were cleaned up. I see a lot of potential, but unfortunately I don’t see a lot of potential for the dollar amount which was proposed.”

Monday’s discussion coincided with an appeal that Trustee Kenneth Anderson made during the April 21 board meeting in which he asked the board to reevaluate spending $200,000 for the development of sidewalks and paths in the Welch Creek Industrial Park.

“Nothing is going forward on the sidewalks for now,” Walter said. “We’ll find out if (developer Drew Frasz) will do a sidewalk on the north side temporary path and see what he wants to do in the back there and at least make it walkable. We need to make sure the pond is maintained and functions the way it’s supposed to, and then I’ll have (Village Administrator) John (Nevenhoven) check to see where we’re at timing wise and if there is an agreement that expired that we have to worry about.”