Underwood video series discusses health care savings in American Rescue Plan

Underwood’s provision in new law lowers costs, expands health care coverage

U.S. Rep. Lauren Underwood hosted a series of of three virtual conversations with health care experts and community organizations to discuss health care savings available to Illinois families through the American Rescue Plan, she announced in a news release.

These videos will help Illinois residents understand how the new law lowers Marketplace health plan costs for them and their families, according to the release.

In the first conversation, Underwood speaks with Cynthia Cox, Vice President, Kaiser Family Foundation, who explains the ways in which the American Rescue Plan makes health care more affordable.

In the second conversation, Underwood speaks with Kara Murphy, president of the DuPage Health Coalition, and Suzanne Hoban, executive director of the Family Health Partnership Clinic, discussing how this new law will help families in northern Illinois.

In the third conversation, Underwood speaks with Brian Gorman, director of outreach and education for Get Covered Illinois.

Gorman shares how Illinois residents can take action between now and Aug. 15 to reduce their Marketplace insurance premiums or sign up for a new plan with lower premiums than ever on the Health Insurance Marketplace, the release stated.

“Since day one in Congress, I’ve been committed to lowering out-of-pocket health care costs,” Underwood stated in the release. “My Health Care Affordability Act, as included in the American Rescue Plan, will make Marketplace health plan premiums lower than ever for over 290,000 Illinoisans.”

But in order to see savings right away, Illinois residents need to take action to learn about the steps they can take to access new savings by watching the video series, Underwood stated in the release.

Underwood’s video series on the American Rescue Plan and health care can be found on YouTube.

Underwood’s provision in the American Rescue Plan lowers costs and expands coverage to ensure individuals and families have access to affordable care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Underwood provision addresses the high cost of health insurance premiums in the U.S. by increasing the generosity of premium tax credits across all income levels, eliminating premiums for people at the lowest income levels and reducing premiums for millions of Americans.

It also expands eligibility for premium tax credits to people with incomes above 400% of the federal poverty level, guaranteeing that anyone who buys Marketplace insurance can purchase a plan for 8.5% of their income or less.

That means, a family of four making $110,000 per year in Illinois’ 14th Congressional District could save more than $7,500 per year on health care premiums, the release stated.