Geneva aldermen recommend approval of new sewer cleaning truck for nearly $442K

New sewer cleaner would be purchased in FY2022 to replace 2008 truck

GENEVA – Aldermen recommended buying a new combination sewer cleaning truck for nearly $442,000 to replace the city’s current 2008 truck, at Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

City Administrator Stephanie Dawkins said the current combination truck needs to be replaced because of its age and number of annual repairs.

“This truck is primarily used to clean storm and sanitary sewer on a preventative and emergency basis, but is also used for hydro-excavating when excavating by backhoe is difficult and dangerous due to multiple utilities in the area,” Dawkins said.

The funds have been allocated in fiscal year 2022.

“Because of the current availability of a chassis and the long lead time for the buildout of the truck, staff is recommending the City Council approve the purchase of the truck so build out can begin,” Dawkins said.

The city will pay for it during fiscal year 2022 after delivery and will have the 2008 vehicle declared surplus and traded in as part of the total contract, Dawkins said.

Staff is using a cooperative purchasing agreement with Sourcewell to buy the truck, a 2021 Jet Vac Environmental combination storm and sanitary sewer cleaner for a total of $441,807.12, officials said.

Jet Vac Environmental is based in Island Lake, documents show.

Final action to approve the purchase agreement will be taken by the City Council.