St. Charles school board votes to raise pay for administration, other staff members

The approval will raise the salary for returning administrators and other staff members up to 4.5% of last year’s pay.

Nomination packets for those interested in running for the St. Charles District 303 School Board next year are now available.

ST. CHARLES – Returning St. Charles School District 303 administrators and confidential union-exempt personnel will get a pay increase of up to 4.5% of their salaries from the previous school year.

The school board approved the increases in separate unanimous votes without discussion at Monday night’s meeting.

In the 2023-2024 school year, district administrators will see an increase of 4.5% of their salaries in the 2022-23 school year. Superintendent Paul Gordon is not included. His base salary is $260,000, which is determined by the school board.

Confidential union-exempt salaried employees will also see an increase of 4.5% of their salaries for the 2022-2023 school year. Chief communications officer Scott Harvey said the confidential union-exempt employees “are non-union employees whose work may require access to confidential information.”

“These are positions that have access to protected personnel and/or student information via direct supervisory responsibilities or data systems, and may include individuals in the departments of human resources, information technology and transportation,” Harvey said in an email.

The raises are only for returning staff, and will not apply to newly-hired administrators or confidential personnel.

The school board previously approved a four-year labor pact with the teachers’ union, a deal that includes gradual raises for teachers and eventually a shorter elementary school day.

The four-year contract was ratified by the teachers’ union, known as the St. Charles Education Association or SCEA, on May 23 and the school board approved it May 25. The contract goes into effect in the fall.