Local band HOSS to play show next month to benefit Hesed House homeless shelter

Batavia resident Pete Lindenmeyer and his band HOSS will bring some holiday cheer when they return to Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora on Saturday for their annual holiday celebration, Hossmas.

For 20 years, local band HOSS has been bringing some holiday cheer with its annual holiday celebration, Hossmas, which also serves as a toy drive.

Hesed House homeless shelter in Aurora has been the primary beneficiary most of those years. This year’s show, which will be held on Dec. 3, marks the 10th anniversary of the show at Two Brothers Roundhouse, 205 N. Broadway Ave. in Aurora.

Instead of a cover charge, those who attend are asked to bring an unwrapped new toy for Hesed House.

HOSS will take the stage at 8:30 p.m. Doors will open at 7 p.m.

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As the band has in the past, HOSS will perform a surprise album during its second set. The Pawnshop Horns will also be part of the show and The Heavy Gifting Trio will perform the nightcap set.

Kane County Chronicle reporter Eric Schelkopf had the chance to talk to HOSS frontman Pete Lindenmeyer, of Batavia, and HOSS bassist Brad Schieber about the upcoming show. The interview has been edited for length and style.

Eric Schelkopf: You started Hossmas in 2002. Has the event lived up to your goals? Has it exceeded your goals?

Pete Lindenmeyer: Oh, I think it far exceeds what we ever thought it would do. We started it just as a toy drive show and it has just gained momentum over the years.

When we moved it to Two Brothers Roundhouse 10 years ago, it was a great fit because of the size of the venue and it ended up becoming their biggest annual event.

We are their only recurring event on the calendar every year.

Schelkopf: In 2020, Hossmas was cancelled because of the pandemic and then it came back last year. Were people overwhelmed with joy when it came back last year?

Lindenmeyer: Everybody came out and had a great time.

Schelkopf: Are you surprised that so many people look forward to Hossmas every year?

Lindenmeyer: We’re grateful that we’re able to host the first Christmas party of the year that also helps out the community. That’s kind of the whole premise of it.

Chris Bauler at Two Brothers Roundhouse is a big part of making Hossmas happen. We wouldn’t have that location if it wasn’t for him.

Schelkopf: So Brad, what do you like about being part of Hossmas every year?

Brad Schieber: It’s always just a lot of fun for us to get up and kind of do our thing. And to do it for a good cause.

It’s a great party. You can see the look on people’s faces when we start playing the surprise record. There’s always a reaction to that.

Santa HOSS, played by Wolfgang Holzl, brought plenty of holiday cheer to the festivities.

And just seeing people out there having a good time and knowing that we’re doing something good for other people, it’s a great feeling. The fact that people have supported it so much and that it has continued to grow year after year makes it pretty cool.

We have friends that have been coming to this thing every year and they’re coming now and bringing their kids who are in their 20s.

Schelkopf: It seems like people have been generous over the years.

Lindenmeyer: The HOSS fans have always been extremely generous when it comes to stuff like that.

Schelkopf: How about you, Pete. What do you like being part of this every year?

Lindenmeyer: First and foremost, it’s about the toy drive and being able to contribute to your community.

And we have people that fly in from all over the country for this show. This year, we will have people flying in from Texas, Colorado and Florida. People are flying in just for the weekend for this show.

I love being a part of this band. These guys are my best friends and being able to go out and do our thing is what it’s about.

And having an album to work on kind of gives your purpose. And it’s just a lot of fun.

But being able to hang out with these guys as much as I am able to, you can’t put a price on that.