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One pig caught, three others remain on the loose in Wayne

The Wayne Police Department is trying to help a group of pigs that are on the loose find their way home.

One of four pigs that have been on the loose in the Wayne area for more than two weeks has been caught.

“A teenage kid in the area who actually went out looking for them in the woods got close enough to them to actually grab the mom,” said Kelly Owens, founder/president of Wayne-based Hands & Hooves Riding, Rescue & Rehabilitation, who is helping in the efforts to capture the pigs. “And we believe he was able to do that because she had a hurt leg. She was not moving very fast.”

Hands & Hooves is located on Army Trail Road in the vicinity of where the pigs have been seen. The pig, which was caught Sunday afternoon, is on the mend and the nonprofit Chicagoland Pig Rescue is taking care of her.

“She is doing very well,” Owens said on Wednesday.

The other three pigs remain on the loose. Owens said they are coming up with a new plan to catch them.

“Their pattern changed after we got mom,” Owens said. “We had been tracking them and we thought we had our trap in the right place. But they kind of all separated and now finally found their way back together as of today. So we are happy about that. Their pattern was pretty erratic the last few days. So we are coming up with a plan to move the trap to a different location.”

Owens said they might be able to catch the pigs as they are walking into a barn in the area.

“If we can lure them into one of those barns and put trail cameras up there so we are alerted they are in there, hopefully someone can close the door and we can get lucky and get them,” Owens said. “We’re just trying to be patient here.”