Kane state’s attorney addresses primary election day complaints

Complaint hotline to re-up in November

Signs for candidates in the March 19 Primary Election at the Kane County Government Center.

ST. CHARLES TOWNSHIP – The Kane County General Primary Election Complaint Hotline fielded and responded to five calls during Tuesday’s election day voting, State’s Attorney Jamie Mosser announced in a news release.

Assistant state’s attorneys also visited each polling place in the county to ensure compliance with the Illinois Election Code and to advise election judges of their availability to provide legal assistance as necessary, according to the release.

State law forbids electioneering, vote soliciting or political discussion within any polling place or within 100 feet of any polling place. Election officers place markers 100 feet away from the entrance to a polling place so people know where they can stand to advocate for a candidate or cause.

From 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on March 19, State’s Attorney’s Office representatives managed the hotline to take complaints about potential violations of Illinois election laws. They also traveled to voting precincts to address concerns and ensure compliance with state law.

Three complaints regarding electioneering were:

• A voter refused to take off a hat that was supportive of a candidate on the ballot.

• Someone passed out campaign materials at the door to a polling place.

• A voter reported feeling intimidated by a poll watcher who was also a candidate on the ballot.

Assistant state’s attorneys investigated each complaint and appropriate actions were taken, according to the release.

Assistant state’s attorneys also took a complaint regarding the audible disclosure of personal information during voter registration which was addressed in accordance with election regulations.

The Illinois Election Code requires election judges to verify voter information and permits poll watchers to be able to hear voter information, according to the release.

The fifth incident concerned a missing race on a voter’s ballot. Following an inquiry by the state’s attorney’s office, it was determined that a boundary error had affected a small number of voters.

The county clerk’s office is continuing to investigate and correct the issue, according to the release.

“The General Primary Election Day ran smoothly and with integrity,” Mosser said in the release.

“The Kane County Clerk’s Office and election judges worked hard to make the day accessible and efficient for all voters,” Mosser said in the release. “I am pleased to have supported them in their efforts and I thank the Kane County Sheriff’s Office for their presence and assistance as well.”

Information about election rules or voting access is available at the Kane County Clerk’s website at clerk.kanecountyil.gov.