Louis Goode
Louis Goode

A former judge’s son charged with domestic battery must reside in a home that is not his mother’s because he is not allowed to live with a child she has to custody over.

On Monday, Judge Ed Burmila allowed for the continuation of Judge Jeff Allen’s order that Louis Goode, 35, cannot live with a minor child who Will County Assistant State’s Attorney Christine Vukmir said is under the custody of Goode’s mother, former Judge Carla Alessio Policandriotes.

Under Goode’s initial bond conditions, he was ordered to stay confined to his mother’s home but Allen’s order meant he had to find another residence. Burmila allowed him to reside at another home in Joliet.

Policandriotes was silent on Monday when she was asked a question regarding the custody of the child.

Allen presides over a probate case involving the child that is impounded from public view. The case had a Sept. 4 hearing on Goode’s bond condition but the transcripts are sealed.

Allen and two attorneys involved in the case, Jennifer Lynch and Lisa Kinser, did not respond to calls on Monday.

Will County Chief Judge Richard Schoenstedt said he didn’t know why the case was sealed but he believed it was a guardianship case and it’s not unusual for such cases dealing with children to be under seal. He said judges will impound cases based on the circumstances.

Edward Jaquays is another attorney involved in the probate case, court records show. He’s also representing Policandriotes and Anthony Policandriotes, Goode’s stepfather, in a Sept. 4 petition for “parental response of child(ren) (visitation).”

The petition is publicly inaccessible because it was filed confidentially through the state’s e-filing system, according to Chuck Squires, chief deputy of the Will County Circuit Clerk’s Office.

Goode and the alleged victim in his 2018 domestic battery case are named as defendants in the case, court records show.

When The Herald-News contacted Jaquays’ law office seeking information on the petition, a representative said, “OK, no comment. Thank you,” before ending the phone call.

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