Morris police seek help identifying driver who caused accident

The Morris Police Department has once again turned to social media in an effort to get the public to help identify a suspect in a case.

Police are investigating an accident that happened at the intersection of Route 47 and Green Acres Drive at 6:28 p.m. on Saturday. According to a post on the department's Facebook page, a driver made an illegal left hand turn from the north bound lanes of Route 47 onto Green Acres Drive, pulling in front of a car waiting in the turn lane and cutting off oncoming traffic in the south bound lanes of Route 47.

A vehicle that was southbound swerved to get out of the way, only to strike the car that had been waiting in the left turn lane. Minor injuries were reported.

The vehicle that caused the incident did not sustain any damage and did not stop. Video from the Shell Gas Station showed the suspect vehicle appeared to be a smaller black SUV. That vehicle drove into the Stock & Field (former Big R) parking lot, but it is is unknown where the vehicle went from there.

After posting about the incident on Facebook, a driver who has a dash cam in their vehicle who was at the intersection during the accident turned over their video, which shows the accident in its entirety. However, the licence plate of the suspect vehicle cannot be seen.

The Morris Police Department is asking the public if they have any information that can help identify the driver of vehicle that fled the scene, or anyone who witnessed the accident, to call Officer Vanderploeg at 815-942-2131.