Letters to the Editor

Letter: Why is honesty at such a low level?

Typewritter, letter to the editor

I have not have not heard so many denials by Republicans since Watergate. All interviews with the Republican Washington hierarchy and many others seem to have “not me,” “I didn’t do or say that” or “it’s a witch hunt.”

When the House’s Jan. 6 probe subpoenas them, they have three choices. One is to comply with answers and give massive amounts of information. Second is to bring nothing and take the Fifth Amendment. The third choice is to not comply and face a criminal trial when the Attorney General’s office goes forth with the indictment.

They all took the oath of office but few are doing what they swore to do. Two Republicans that truly follow that oath are Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Both are Republicans. I often don’t agree with their opinions and their vote on issues. I would vote for either because they may believe in honesty. Cheney will probably win her seat again thanks to her despised father. Kinzinger has chosen not to run again. Congress will miss him.

Why is honesty at such a low level in legislations in Washington and most states? It is because we keep re-electing the liars and crooks since we are too lazy to check out their lies or too gullible and believe their outrageous un-American conspiracies.

Do the research. Don’t vote for somebody who pushes the “big lie” or denies involvement in trying to overthrow our government.

Chuck Johnson