Letters to the Editor

Letter: Why renew FOID cards?

Typewritter, letter to the editor

To the Editor:

Please have someone rationally explain or investigate why anyone would have to renew a FOID [Firearm Owners Identification] card.

When the police want to see a person’s FOID card, if they even have one, they always do a “call-in” to ensure it was not revoked.

For driver’s licenses, eyesight may change, hence the need to renew driver’slicenses, but fingerprints do not change for FOID cards.

There is no logical reason for renewing a FOID card once a person passed all the hurdles and costs of fingerprints, etc., to get one.

This FOID-renewing scam is just more “feel good” legislation being forced down the throats of law-abiding citizens who have to not only pay with their time and money for the FOID renewal, but also pay for the administration overhead of having people like the state police process these meaningless renewal forms.

Only my opinion.

Jerry Taylor