Letter: Hypcrites

To the Editor:

The NFL, NBA and MLB support the BLM movement that destroys statues, loots stores, burns buildings and American flags, and beats and kills people who disagree with their agenda. In the name of slavery, kneeling is allowed during the presentation of the national anthem before the start of sporting events.

An NFL player appeared on TV and stated that kneeling has nothing to do with the American flag. If that is true, why did Nike remove the Betsy Ross flag from the heel of the athlete’s shoes? Did the kneeling master force the removal or was it China, who manufactures Nike shoes with forced labor, another kind of slavery? Why do the owners allow the players to wear Nike shoes and why do the players wear them if they are against slavery?

Slavery was abolished in America in 1866. Anyone unhappy with their life in the land of opportunity can leave to find a better place. No one will stop you because you have that freedom in America ... because of the flag. China is an option. They love basketball.

As a patriotic American who respects the flag of freedom, I will no longer attend any sporting event or function that disrespects the people of all races who gave their lives to defend the flag of freedom.

God bless America, the land of the free, because of the brave.

Leo Michalak