Joliet Slammers’ stadium gets new name

DuPage Medical Group Field has become Duly Health and Care Field

Joliet’s city-owned baseball stadium has a new name.

The Slammers, who manage the stadium that has been known as DuPage Medical Group Field for the city of Joliet, began calling it by a new name this week in a news release announcing that the baseball team’s new field manager will be Dan Schlereth.

The stadium is now Duly Health and Care Field, reflecting a change in name of the healthcare group that has the naming rights sponsorship.

“It’s the same company, They just rebranded,” said John Wilson, executive vice president of baseball operations for the Slammers.

DuPage Medical Group changed its name to Duly Health and Care in September as the last baseball season was wrapping up.

The Slammers have yet to announce an official name change and intend to time it close to the installation of a new sign over the front gate that now reads DuPage Medical Group Field.

Wilson said the sign will be changed this spring.

Meanwhile, the team will refer to the stadium as Duly Health and Care Field.

DuPage Medical Group acquired the naming rights in 2019 and Duly will retain them through the 2023 season.

New manager Schlereth and Slammers’ majority owner Nick Semaca used the new stadium name in quotes that appeared in the news release announcing Schlereth has joined the Slammers.

Schlereth is a former Major League Baseball pitcher who was with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2009 before being traded to the Detroit Tigers, where he played until 2012.

“I’m looking forward to putting a great product on the field at Duly Health and Care Field for the Slammers’ fans and keeping the team focused on staying in it [the season] until the end,” Schlereth said in the news release. “Chasing the playoffs is the most exciting part of the season, and should be enjoyed by all.”