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Romeoville buys pink snowplow to raise awareness of breast cancer

The village anticipates the plow to be delivered next year

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The village of Romeoville announced the latest addition to its snow fleet, which is also an effort to raise awareness of breast cancer.

During the winter of 2022, Romeoville residents may see a vibrant pink snowplow cleaning their street, according to a news release. The village added the pink vehicle also aims to honor those who have been affected by cancer in any form.

“This is something our team wanted to do to show our support for those affected by this disease,” Romeoville Mayor John Noak said in a statement. “The truck will be used as part of plowing operations during the winter and in parades, touch a truck events, and as a dump truck in other seasons. In short, this will be a full duty part of the fleet.”

The Village Board approved the purchase of the truck last week.

Due to nationwide shortages of parts and the standard time needed to build the vehicle, the village anticipates the plow to be delivered during the summer of 2022.

Given the special meaning of the new truck, the manufacturers have chipped in to donate to the project. JX Peterbilt will provide extra warranties and special polished tanks and equipment while Monroe Truck will donate the pink powder coating paint for the plow.