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When will Shorewood’s La Quinta Inn & Suites finally open?

Owner gives update on project that’s several years in the making

It’s been nearly five years in the making, but La Quinta Inn & Suites in Shorewood is finally scheduled to open in April, according to owner Govind Patel.

In an email, Patel said he bought the land for La Quinta Inn & Suites in 2016 and the building permit was approved in 2017. But the pandemic and some construction-related challenges extended the time needed to complete the building, Patel wrote.

But the main challenge was the pandemic, he wrote. By February 2020, Patel said it was clear that the hospitality/business travel market could sink to a very low occupancy rate for unknown duration of time.

Patel said he was concerned that running an expensive operation without any substantial revenues for an unknown duration could cause him to love a substantial amount of money.

But prospects in the hospitality/business travel market are looking brighter in 2021, so Patel is optimistic that market will improve by summer.

Patel does seem to feel the wait might be worth it, at least in terms of the hotel’s overall design and appearance.

“The exterior architecture is very upscale and contemporary,” Patel wrote in an email. “All interior furnishings are custom made and upscale contemporary in design. Once the pandemic is under control and market improves, the hotel will attract upscale clientele. (This includes) business travelers during the weekdays and (will) cater to families of the neighborhood communities during the weekend looking to enjoy indoor pool and outdoor patio features.”

Patel feels La Quinta Inn & Suites, which overlooks Interstate 55, will benefit the Shorewood community in several ways.

“The operation will create jobs for three shifts, bring hotel room tax revenues, increase property tax revenues,” Patel wrote in the email. “(The) community will have an upscale hotel option to offer to visitors visiting the neighborhoods.”