Election Results: 2021 Consolidated Municipal Election in Will County

Vote totals are unofficial and appear as provided by election agencies in Will, Kendall, DuPage and Grundy counties.

Joliet City Council (3 at-large winners)

Precincts reporting: 79/79

Jan Quillman: 3,465 votes/14%

Joe Clement: 3,225 votes/13%

Robert Wunderlich: 2,982 votes/12%

Cesar Guerrero: 2,927 votes/12%

Hudson Hollister: 2,490 votes/10%

Warren Dorris: 2,414 votes/9%

Glenda Wright-McCullum: 1,922 votes/7%

Jeremy Brzycki: 1,216 votes/5%

Roger Powell: 1,079 votes/4%

Isiah Williams Jr.: 1,042 votes/4%

Nicole Lurry: 1,071 votes/4%

James Lanham: 586 votes/2%

Story: Quillman, Clement lead with two fighting for third spot on Joliet City Council

Bolingbrook Mayor

Precincts reporting: 36/36

Mary Alexander-Basta: 4,558 votes/43%

Jackie Traynere: 3,494 votes/33%

Sheldon Watts: 2,565 votes/24%

Story: Basta wins full term in competitive Bolingbrook mayoral race

Bolingbrook Clerk

Precincts reporting: 36/36

Martha Barton: 4,516 votes/43%

Elnalyn Costa: 3,733 votes/35%

Faith Kinsman-Jones: 2,204 votes/21%

Bolingbrook Village Board (3 winners)

Precincts reporting: 36/36

Michael Lawler: 4,587 votes/15%

Troy Doris: 4,394 votes/15%

Maria Zarate: 4,131 votes/14%

Jose Quintero: 3,332 votes/11%

Melisa Quinones: 3,322 votes/11%

Rondel Parker: 3,220 votes/11%

Inez Flores: 2,201 votes/7%

Patti Chow: 2,200 votes/7%

Meraj Alam: 1,860 votes/6%

Braidwood City Council

Precincts reporting: 3/3

James Mikel: 588 votes/80%

Andrew Galatte: 145 votes/19%

Crest Hill Mayor

Precincts reporting: 13/13

Ray Soliman: 1,461 votes/70%

Tina Oberlin: 614 votes/29%

Crest Hill Alderman Ward 3

Precincts reporting: 4/4

Mark Cipiti: 173 votes/58%

Marco Coladipierto: 122 votes/41%

Lockport Mayor

Precincts reporting: 15/15

Steve Streit: 2,586 votes/73%

Catherine Perretta: 542 votes/15%

Ronald Cornolo: 417 votes/11%

Lockport Alderman Ward 1 (2 winners)

Precincts reporting: 8/8

Karen Kostecki: 221/34%

Matt Kairis: 216/33%

Jonathan Pugh: 206/32%

Lockport Alderman Ward 2

Precincts reporting: 7/7

Larry Schreiber: 650/65%

Nick Klementzos: 339/34%

Lockport Alderman Ward 3

Precincts reporting: 7/7

Christina Bergbower: 648/68%

Rocco Colella Jr.: 305/32%

Lockport Alderman Ward 4

Precincts reporting: 8/8

Renee Saban: 425/62%

Peggy Franklin: 252/37%

Manhattan Mayor

Precincts reporting: 4/4

Mike Adrieansen: 760 votes/63%

Write-in: 353 votes/29%

Brian Giaretta: 79 votes/6%

Manhattan Village Board

Precincts reporting: 4/4

Justin Young: 669 votes/22%

Ronald Adamski: 557 votes/18%

David Beemsterboer: 543 votes/18%

Thomas Doyle: 461 votes/15%

Thomas George Biscan: 460 votes/15%

Write-in: 302 votes/10%

Mokena Mayor

Precincts reporting: 12/12

Frank Fleischer: 1,385 votes/58%

Write-in: 592 votes/25%

Harley Schinker: 396 votes/16%

Mokena Village Board

Precincts reporting: 12/12

Melissa Fedora: 1,410 votes/22%

George Metanias: 1,293 votes/20%

Rob Dauphinais: 1,075 votes/17%

Julie Musselman Oost: 997 votes/16%

Edward Donnelly: 774 votes/12%

Jason Wegner: 691 votes/11%

Plainfield Mayor

Precincts reporting: 23/23

John Argoudelis: 2,318/52%

Margi Bonuchi: 2.076/47%

Story: Argoudelis tops Bonuchi on election night in race to be next mayor of Plainfield

Plainfield Village Board (3 winners)

Precincts reporting: 23/23

Patty Kalkanis: 2,470 votes/24%

Tom Ruane: 2,306 votes/22%

Cally Larson: 2,279 votes/22%

Eric Blatti: 1,992 votes/19%

Nuhie Faheem: 1,229 votes/12%

Shorewood Mayor

Precincts reporting: 10/10

Clarence “CC” DeBold: 1,055 votes/50%

Dan Anderson: 1,040 votes/49%

Story: 15-vote margin separates Shorewood mayoral candidates

Shorewood Village Board (3 winners)

Precincts reporting: 10/10

Diane Lambert: 1,334 votes/27%

Rick Chapman: 1,084 votes/22%

Donald Carroll: 942 votes/19%

Daniel Warren: 826 votes/16%

Christopher Brophy: 735 votes/15%

Wilmington Mayor

Precincts reporting: 6/6

Ben Dietz: 426 votes/40%

J. Marty Orr: 318 votes/30%

Roy Strong: 309 votes/29%

Wilmington Alderman Ward 3

Precincts reporting: 3/3

Jonathan Mietzner: 283 votes/77%

Lisa Butler: 82 votes/22%

Alex Ortiz

Alex Ortiz is a reporter for The Herald-News in Joliet. Originally from Romeoville, Ill., he joined The Herald-News in 2017 and mostly covers Will County government, politics, education and more. He earned his bachelor's degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a master's degree from Northwestern University.