Shorewood police crack down on fake IDs used at bars

Officers’ investigation led to arrest of 8 people on fake ID charge

Shorewood police have arrested eight people, accusing them of using fraudulent identification at bars in the village.

“Fake IDs are more common now than ever, and frankly, have become a serious problem at Shorewood bars,” Shorewood Deputy Police Chief Eric Allen said.

At 11:28 p.m. June 26, officers responded to an anonymous complaint of underage drinkers at Skooter’s Roadhouse, 700 W. Jefferson St., and determined that Cameron Murphy, 19, Cooper Bridges, 19, and Liam Nicholas, 19, all of Plainfield, were using fake out-of-state driver’s licenses, Allen said in a news release.

“Shorewood officers confiscated the fake IDs and entered Skooter’s bar,” Allen said.

Officers approached Leo Kohn, 20, of Grayslake, who also had a fake ID that was confiscated, Allen said. Skooter’s staff than escorted Kohn out of the establishment.

Officers left Skooters and then noticed more young people in line to enter the bar, Allen said. They determined Jaden Rozak, 19, and Kade Vidovic, 18, both of Frankfort, possessed fake out-of-state IDs that they intended to use to enter Skooter’s, he said.

Shortly after officers confiscated their IDs, they found Katheryn Jasko, 19, of Plainfield, attempting to conceal herself along the north side of the building, Allen said.

Officers asked Jasko for her identification as she appeared to be under the legal drinking age and smelled of alcohol, Allen said. Jasko provided them with a fake out-of-state driver’s license, he said.

Two of Jasko’s friends approached the officers, who asked them for their IDs as well, Allen said.

Isabella Devenuto, 19, and Chloe Borsellino, 19, both of Plainfield, then turned over fake driver’s licenses, he said.

All of the suspects were released at the time of the incident and eight of them later turned themselves in to the Shorewood police on a charge of possessing fraudulent IDs, with the except of Kohn, Allen said. An arrest warrant has been issued for Kohn.

Ken Groh, owner of Bedrocks in Shorewood, said in the last six weeks, his bar staff has taken 30 fake IDs off the street.

“In the last year, the quality of fake IDs has improved dramatically to where they almost look identical to regular IDs,” Groh said.

Groh and Allen also spoke about fake IDs in 2016.

“And we’re seeing better fakes – high-quality fakes that are being ordered online from overseas,” Allen said at the time.

Felix Sarver

Felix Sarver covers crime and courts for The Herald-News