Lockport water system bolstered by new equipment

Lockport — The city of Lockport is continuing its efforts to improve its water system, using new technology to investigate issues in storm sewers and improve the wastewater treatment clarifier.

The Lockport City Council approved the purchase on Aug. 16 of a Weir-Wolf automated brush system, which can be used to clean elements of the wastewater treatment plant’s secondary clarifier.

Lockport Public Works Director Brent Cann said the brushes will be installed in the coming weeks. They will work by scrubbing algae growth off the clarifier components.

“The system should improve efficiency and help provide the best final product that we can while extending the life of the clarifier,” Cann said.

The approved installation cost of the system was $32,680. The brushes themselves were acquired as a salvage item from the Glenbard Water Treatment Facility, which provides service to Glen Ellyn and Lombard and is upgrading to a new system.

In addition to the water treatment improvements, the Streets Department has been making use of its new sewer cameras to inspect problem areas in the wake of recent heavy rains.

In the months since it was acquired, public works officials have used the camera to check areas where there are suspected blockages or breaks in storm sewers.

“We haven’t had any major catastrophes averted yet, but now we can check on issues ourselves,” Cann said. “Previously, we needed a contractor to take care of these issues, but now we can do it quickly in-house.

“During storm events, we get a lot of calls about backups. The cameras expedite our response time because we can immediately go check for issues.”

The cameras also are being touted as an improvement for employee safety since city workers and contractors no longer are required to enter sewer spaces themselves to find issues.