Joliet Junior College budget provides stable tuition and tax rate

Budget balanced for 51st year


Joliet Junior College students will not see tuition or fee increases from a recently passed budget, college President Clyne Namuo said.

The JJC Board of Trustees in June approved the 2024 budget, which runs until June 30, 2024.

The $111 million budget is up 5.5% from 2023.

But students will not pay more, and the property tax rate stays the same, Namuo said.

“I’m really thankful we were able to meet all of our priorities with no property tax increase and no tuition increase,” Namuo said.

The budget does project a 5.7% increase in the property tax levy, with expectations that $74.8 million will be collected.

Even at the same tax rate, local governments collect more tax dollars when the assessed value of property goes up. More money also comes in with new construction, which increases the taxable value of property.

The owner of a house valued at $209,300 will pay $201 in property taxes for JJC, according to the 2024 budget document.

Property taxes account for 59% of JJC revenue, according to the budget document. Tuition accounts for another 26% of revenue. State funding brings in 9% of college revenue.

State funding rates for community colleges have been rising and are expected to increase by 7% in 2024, according to the budget document.

The JJC 2024 budget is balanced for the 51st consecutive year.

“Joliet Junior College is committed to being good stewards of the public dollar and to behave responsibly financially,” Naumo said.