Joliet man charged with attempted murder of man in Halloween shooting freed from jail

David Grijalva

A man has been released from jail after his $3 million bond was lowered in a case where he’s charged with trying to murder another man who fled a Halloween party held last year at a Joliet Township residence where a mass shooting occurred.

On Nov. 16, David Grijalva, 21, of Joliet was let out of the Will County jail after he posted 10% of his new $200,000 bond.

That bond was set by Judge Carmen Goodman at the request of Grijalva’s attorney, Chuck Bretz, who filed a motion that argued his client’s $3 million bond was excessive under the U.S. Constitution and in violation of Illinois law.

Bretz recommended a $200,000 bond, along with home detention and electronic monitoring for Grijalva.

On Nov. 19, 2021, Grijalva was booked into jail on charges of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated battery, aggravated discharge of a firearm and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.

Grijalva’s case is scheduled for a jury trial May 15.

Grijalva was one of several men arrested as a result of an investigation by the Will County Sheriff’s Office in connection to a mass shooting at a Halloween party, which was attended by about 200 people Oct. 31, 2021, at a residence at 1018 E. Jackson St. in Joliet Township.

The man Grijalva was charged with shooting on that night had fled the party and was some distance away from the home at 1018 E. Jackson St. where it was held, a police source said at the time of Grijalva’s arrest.

Grijalva’s alleged shooting is separate from the other shooting that claimed the lives of Holly Mathews, Jonathan Ceballos, both 22, and eventually Sergio Hernandez, 20, who was the original target.

Hernandez died last October after suffering injuries in the shooting that left him paralyzed.

Joskar Ramos, 19, and brothers Jeremy Lopez, 20, and Thomas Lopez, 21, have been charged with the first-degree murder of Holly Mathews and Jonathan Ceballos, both 22, and may face first-degree murder charges over the death of Hernandez.

None of their cases have been set for trial. All three men remain in jail.

The Oct. 31, 2021, shooting that involved members of the rival Vice Lords and Latin Kings street gangs, who were not invited to the party, Will County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief Dan Jungles said.

Ramos and the Lopez brothers are Vice Lords members and Grijalva is a known associate of the gang, according to the sheriff’s office. Hernandez was a member of Latin Kings, Jungles said.

The Latin Kings and Vice Lords are two of the four major gangs that have been known to operate in Joliet since the 1980s.