LocalLit book review: a short picture book to brighten your day

Young writer reminds readers where to find true peace

To people of all ages who are weary of winter, weary of the pandemic and weary overall, I have a little book to recommend to you.

The author is not local. Her name is Evie Martin. Evie is a student, has mild dyslexia and lives in Northern Ireland. During the course of an interview, someone recommended her book to me. Evie had written it during a summer club last year for people with dyslexia. Evie was 12 at the time.

Evie called her book “Little Fish and the Garden of Love.”

Here is its Amazon description: “Learning of a wonderful place called The Garden Of Love from his Granny, Little Fish sets off to find the garden. Along the way he meets an octopus at the great coral reef, a shark hiding in the sunken shipwreck and a starfish at the seashore. Eventually he finds his way back Home where The Garden Of Love was all along.”

“Little Fish and the Garden of Love” has just 26 pages. I read it in five minutes. But the drawings are so bright and cheerful, and the writing is so open and upbeat, that the time I spent in the story was the best five minutes of my day.

So if you need a bit of encouragement, a bit of hope, and a heaping of what’s really important in life, I recommend buying (or downloading) a copy of Evie’s book.

Buy “Little Fish and the Garden of Love” on Amazon.

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