Lockport looks to fill former MOD Pizza space after restaurant closes

The former location of Mod Pizza at 16439 W 159th St. in Lockport.  The Open Bottle and a Chipolte restaurant are in the same center.

Officials with the City of Lockport confirmed they were nearly as surprised as residents by the recent closure of MOD Pizza at 16439 W. 159th St.

According to Community and Economic Development Director Lance Thies, the restaurant was closed as part of a corporate decision and had nothing to do with the local operators of the store.

“I was told that the managers were only given a few days’ notice and told to tell the employees,” said Thies. “It was a larger business decision regionally.”

MOD has reportedly closed 27 stores across the U.S. since the beginning of 2024, including two other locations in the Chicago area.

According to Thies, no new businesses have expressed interest in the space yet.

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