Trash compactor catches fire at Joliet Amazon warehouse

Employees safely evacuated, company official said

The Joliet Fire Department Administrative Offices in downtown in Joliet.

A trash compactor that’s used to recycle cardboard caught on fire at the Amazon warehouse in Joliet.

At 6:36 a.m. Thursday, firefighters responded to the location at 4300 S. Brandon Road to put out the trash compactor attached to the building, according to the Joliet Fire Department.

The trash compactor had been swiftly moved out of the building by firefighters, said Alisa Carroll, an Amazon spokesperson.

“All of our employees were safely evacuated and accounted for. We appreciate the quick response of the local fire department,” Carroll said in a statement.

Carroll said the trash compactor is attached to the building but it can be easily pulled away.

There were eight employees on site at the time because it was between shifts and they were all sent home with pay given there was some smoke around the building, Carroll said.