Joliet high schools warn students against bringing look-alike or toy weapons to campus

Joliet — Joliet Township High School District 204 is reminding students and parents about consequences for bringing weapons or toy weapons to campus in light of the end of the school year and rumored senior pranks.

According to a statement issued by District 204 on Wednesday, a rumored game involving water guns to attack other students on campus led to the announcement.

Students are reminded that, according to school district policy, “if a student brings one of these items on school property or to a school-sponsored function, regardless of whether the student intends to use the item or not, they can face an expulsion recommendation and the involvement of the Joliet Police Department.”

These items include actual weapons such as guns, rifles, mace, brass knuckles, knives, tasers box cutters or kubatons, a type of keychain sold for self defense. The list also includes look-alike and toy weapons including airsoft, BB or pellet guns, or guns that fire gel, water or Orbeez balls.

According to the announcement, bringing a weapon or a toy that looks like a weapon to school can lead to disciplinary measures including expulsion and being reported to the Joliet Police Department, as even fake weapons can cause a panic or intimidation and disrupt school.

Parents are encouraged to talk to their students, especially graduating seniors who may be considering taking part in senior pranks, about safety and the potential consequences of these actions.