Will County sheriff’s son scammed out of $1,400 for NFL tickets

Sheriff’s office investigating report of scam

Will County Sheriff Mike Kelley attends the Morgue and Coroner’s Facility Groundbreaking Ceremony on Friday.

The son of the Will County Sheriff Mike Kelley was reportedly scammed out of $1,400 paid for tickets for a football game and the incident is under investigation by the sheriff’s office.

Kelley’s son was scammed out of $1,400 for the National Football Championship game, according to Will County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Kathy Hoffmeyer. He made a transfer of funds to purchase the tickets and found that the tickets were not legitimate, she said.

Kelley’s son, who is an adult and does not work for the sheriff’s office, had made the report to his father’s office on Jan. 24 to give details of the alleged theft, which occurred on Jan. 22, Hoffmeyer said.

While Kelley’s son resides in Lockport, it is not clear where the theft occurred, she said.

The sheriff’s office investigation of the incident remains ongoing.