Joliet, Will County communities alert residents to snow parking rules

Garbage pick-up schedules affected by winter weather, too

Salt trucks are loaded with salt in preparation for the expected snow fall Monday evening at one of City of Joliet Roadways Division facilities on Monday, Jan. 8, 2024 in Joliet.

With Will County under a winter weather advisory through Tuesday, Will County municipalities are reminding residents about parking and snow removal regulations that kick in when snow hits the area.

While the Joliet region appears to be on the south end of the storm with predictions of 3-5 inches of snow followed by rain and sleet, officials still want residents to be aware of when and where plows will be out and any changes to city services.

A salt truck works the side streets in Joliet on Wednesday January 25th, 2023.


The Joliet snow parking ban goes into effect with two inches or more of snow accumulation.

Whether that happens Tuesday still depends on how the weather system develops.

“It’s still iffy,” Public Works Director Greg Ruddy said. “It looks like we’re right on the rain-snow line.”

The forecast as of late Monday afternoon, however, called for two to five inches, which would trigger the snow ban.

The city ban bars street parking until Joliet plows move snow off the street.

The Joliet Roadways Division on the city website points out that the city plows more than 600 miles of roadway with a fleet of 40 trucks and 40 drivers. The city goal is to clear all streets within 24 hours after snow stops, while heavy snows may take longer.

Streets are plowed in a certain order, starting with major arterial roads, hospital routes. Next, plows clear subdivision main streets and collector streets. Remaining subdivision streets are then plowed. Cul-de-sacs and dead-ends are plowed last. The city does not plow alleys.

The city on Monday announced that garbage and recycling collection will start at 6 a.m. on Tuesday only because of the expected snow.

Will County municipalities will be enforcing on street parking regulations with the season's first winter storm coming through the region Jan. 9-10.


The City of Lockport prohibits street parking during a snow event with two or more inches of accumulation until eight hours after the snow stops or until all the streets have been cleared. Vehicles in violation will be ticketed.

Salting operations will begin shortly after snowfall begins, with plowing beginning with measurable accumulation. The city request patience from residents during snow events and recommends staying off the roads if possible to avoid hazardous conditions.

Plowing is done in a set street order with top priority going to main streets, roads that link arterial road ways, and streets with schools, followed by minor residential streets, side streets, and cul-de-sacs with steep inclines.

Low priority streets include dead ends, cul-de-sacs, and alleys. Plows will not return to re-plow streets where cars were parked until after the entire route is complete. All plowing is usually complete within 24 hours of snow ceasing.

Residents are asked not to shovel snow into the street and to clear heavily accumulated snow from around and on top fire hydrants.

There are no plans to alter scheduled garbage pickups this week as of Monday.


Street and alley parking is prohibited during or after a snowfall with an accumulation of two inches of snow or more in Crest Hill.

The ban remains in effect until the snow has stopped and the street or alley has been cleared. Vehicles found in violation of this ban will be towed and owners will be fined.

Plowing priority will be given to streets with heavier traffic flow.

As of Monday, there are no plans to change scheduled garbage pickups in the city.

Salt trucks are loaded with salt in preparation for the expected snow fall Monday evening at one of City of Joliet Roadways Division facilities on Monday, Jan. 8th, 2024 in Joliet.


The Village of Plainfield has issued an overnight street parking ban starting on Monday. Parking on public streets is prohibited in Plainfield during snow events with three or more inches of snow accumulation.

The village also requests residents keep their garbage cans on the curb or on the aprons of their driveways to avoid blocking the streets for plows.

Residents are asked to clear snow away from fire hydrants and clear sidewalks in front of their property when shoveling or snow blowing.

Salting will begin as snow starts and plowing will start once accumulation reaches two inches. Priority for snow plowing goes to primary and arterial streets before beginning work on side streets.

Alleys, cul-de-sacs, and dead ends are plowed last due to lower traffic volume. All plowing is usually anticipated to be completed within 18 hours of snow stopping.

There are no plans to change garbage pickup schedules at this time.


JJC announced that the college will be open “for virtual services only” on Tuesday due to the winter weather.

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