All three men’s Olympic ski jumpers from Norge Ski Club in Fox River Grove plus a fourth American competitor breezed through Saturday’s normal hill qualifying rounds, advancing to the final day of competition scheduled for Sunday morning.

Chinese President Xi Jinping declared the Games open Friday during an opening ceremony heavy on ice-blue tones and winter imagery that was held in the same lattice-encased National Stadium that hosted the inaugural event at the 2008 Olympics.

Eddy Alvarez and the U.S. baseball team accepted their Olympic silver medals after losing the championship game 2-0 against Japan on Saturday night, capping a remarkable run for the 31-year-old Miami Marlins minor leaguer.

For the U.S. men’s national team, the next item on the to-do list isn’t the 2024 Paris Olympics. It’s not even the 2023 World Cup, which will end in the Philippines. It’s a qualifying tournament, in about three months.