It’s Closing Time: Tips for Closing Your Pool for the Summer

Ace Hardware of Dixon - It’s Closing Time: Tips for Closing Your Pool for the Summer

Closing your pool, as you know, is a crucial part of your swimming pool maintenance. Proper closing helps extend the pool’s life, protects against problems and makes the reopening process easier next summer.

Clean the Pool Completely

Take the time to brush each side and the bottom of the pool to free up any grime and dirt, and then thoroughly vacuum it. This is an important step, because cleaning your pool prior to closing will help prevent bacteria and algae from growing.

Service the Pump and Filter

The first thing to do is drain the pump. Once drained, remove the pump and hoses, and the chlorinator if you have one. Make sure to put the drain plugs in the pump basket so you know where they are. Store the pump and hoses inside the garage to guard against damage from precipitation and extreme cold.

Drain the Right Way

The important part of draining is to protect the skimmer from damage from the cold. If your pool is above ground, you can remove the hose from the skimmer and then use a winter skimmer cover plate, so you won’t need to completely drain the pool.

Add Chemicals and Cover

After your pool is completely cleaned, the water level lowered (if needed) and all the components safely stored inside, add the chemicals. These can include things like a pH increaser, chlorine shock, algaecide, and sanitizer, depending on your needs. Once the right chemicals are in, safely cover up the pool until it’s time to open it next year.

These are just a few ways to help make the task of closing your pool more efficient. For more information, visit our website or call us at 815-288-7841.

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