Three Plumbing Tips for Your Home

Ace Hardware of Dixon - Three Plumbing Tips for Your Home

Your home’s plumbing is one its most crucial systems.

When you consider all of your sinks, toilets, showers and baths, washing machines and exterior systems, issues such as leaks, clogged drains or low water pressure are usually just waiting to happen.

If and when any of these problems do occur, repairing them can be costly if you don’t address them quickly and properly. To keep your home’s plumbing system operating efficiently, here are some general things to be aware of.

Don’t Ignore Leaks

Have you ever noticed a steady drip in any of your faucets, showers or bathtubs? That’s the sound of money going down the drain. Over time, that seemingly harmless little leak can lead to much bigger problems – not the least of which will almost certainly increase your water bill and could affect your home’s water pressure, too. So, make sure you address those leaks, drips or running toilets as soon as possible.

Have the Right Tools Ready

Classic wisdom says to try and invest in tools before you think you need them. That way, they are available and at the ready when the time comes. This applies to plumbing, too. One of the best, and simplest tools to own is a quality plunger. This item is often taken for granted, but it is ideal for clearing clogged toilets, sinks and drains. This can be a great help to avoid future problems.

The same idea goes for a good wet-dry shop-vac. Unlike most regular vacuums, shop-vacs are designed to handle large amounts of water and debris. Their powerful suction makes them great for dislodging sinks and drains that are clogged by small objects (like a toothbrush or jewelry), and to quickly clean up any large leaks or spills. Some other important tools to always have on hand are plumber’s wrenches, plumber’s tape, and drain snakes. Having items like these will take you a long way to ensure basic plumbing maintenance at home.

Don’t Overtighten Anything

While it can be tempting to tighten things down as snug as you can get them, don’t!

If you’re tightening or replacing any pipes or connections, be extra careful not to overtighten the fittings, especially on copper or metal pipes. Doing so can weaken the connections, and even break the bolts, which will lead to unsealed joints that will leak or break completely. In most cases, just finger-tight plus an extra quarter-turn is the best solution.

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