Morrison Community Hospital Provides Excellent Skilled Nursing Services

Morrison Community Hospital

After a hospitalization, many patients require specialized services from a skilled nurse on a daily basis until they’re able to safely return home. Some patients may need more time to recover from orthopedic issues, including hip fractures and knee replacements. Similarly, patients recovering from pneumonia or heart issues may be too weak to return home, along with those needing wound care, post-surgical nursing care, or IV antibiotics to battle an infection.

Morrison Community Hospital has a terrific reputation for high quality skilled nursing services that are recognized by area medical professionals, and its patient satisfaction feedback is extremely positive. Patients enjoy private rooms in a small setting, and receive personalized, high quality care with an excellent staff-to-patient ratio. Registered Nurses provide care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and a physician is always in the building for any medical needs. Lab, X-ray, and Emergency Room services are on-site.

Morrison Community Hospital’s skilled nursing services offer additional benefits, as well. Patient transportation can be provided to and from medical appointments within the service area. An on-site pharmacist reviews all patient medications, patients’ diets are reviewed by a Registered Dietician, and weekly care conferences are available for families to attend by phone or video meeting. MCH staff also strives to educate patients (and their families) regarding the patient’s specific condition.

The lengths of stay at MCH are generally shorter than in many nursing facilities. Staff will assist in the transition process by arranging, as needed, in-home services to benefit the patient.

Most insurance companies offer a skilled nursing benefit, and MCH completes pre-certification requirements prior to a patient’s admission, including for patients on Medicare. For more information, please contact:

Morrison Community Hospital

303 North Jackson Street

Morrison, IL 61270