The ABCs of the Funeral Profession

Every industry has its own unique businesses, customers, and organizational philosophies.

Funerals, funeral homes, and funeral directors are no different, except for the special details and services they handle.

The funeral profession, such as it is, is comprised of various logistics and assets. The two most important are the funeral director and the funeral home. Both work in conjunction to provide preparatory and burial services for the deceased.

The Funeral Director

The funeral director coordinates each step of the funeral planning. They play a crucial role in creating the proper service for people to gather in recognition of the deceased’s life. Funeral directors are highly educated people, having completed a specific mortuary science program, usually after a four-year college degree. They then must complete an apprenticeship and pass a state license exam. Many funeral directors view their job as a calling, as they are often second, third, or more generations in this profession.

The Funeral Home

Funeral homes themselves have evolved throughout the funeral profession to be more than just a gathering place. They are usually on-call around the clock when a death occurs and can transport the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home. There, the arrangements with the family are made, including all the required paperwork, which the funeral director assists with. They also help families with questions on Veteran’s affairs, social security, and other pertinent issues. Many funeral homes also contain special areas where the bodies are prepared for viewing, and also cremated, if requested. These and other duties are performed before any visitation or funeral service.

The funeral director and their staff, and the funeral homes themselves are integral to the field.

Like any industry, the funeral profession has evolved over time to be flexible and accommodating to provide precisely the type of service and care that is requested.

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