Letter: Check you Republic garbage disposal bill rate

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To the Editor:

I live outside of Dixon proper. Because my Republic garbage disposal bill had increased, I started looking for another available service.

Talking with my next-door neighbor and friend on the other side of Dixon, I learned I was paying almost twice as much for the same service as they had.

Administrative fees and fuel and environmental recovery fees were not listed on their bill. They were paying for three months of service, and I was paying for two months. They were paying $99, and I was paying at least $134. It would average about $396 for them and $792 for me.

My bill indicates it comes from Crestwood. My friends’ bills say it comes from Dixon.

In closing out their accounts, both of my friends were told they had to pay Republic $25 to pick up their totes. I was told it was $47.

We’ve had good service from Republic, but the rates are not fair. I was told to call to get a lower rate or the unadvertised senior rate. Calling Republic, they found someone else in Dixon being charged by Crestwood while we spoke, so it’s not just me.

Check your Republic bills to see if you are being charged by Crestwood or Dixon. By all means, call about your rate.

Kirsten Kavanaugh


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