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Letter: Save F-bombs for real kablooeys

Sauk Valley Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

The F-word is used so much now in daily language and entertainment that it has lost a lot of its impact. I think it’s time we stop overusing its as a go-to word for times when just shouting, “Holy Hannah!” won’t do.

We are exposed to the F-bomb so much that there is even an option on Amazon’s Echo Dot that allows Alexa to use Samuel L. Jackson’s voice so you can hear all the swear words you want. As I would have to pay to have Jackson swear at me, I’ve decided not to use that option.

It’s used for just about everything, to start a sentence or emphasize a point. I’ve even heard it used as a salutation, as in, “Hello you, Mother—” It’s also used to say goodbye.

Why denigrate such a good word that should be saved for those moments when you accidentally cut the tip of your thumb while slicing carrots?

Younger generations simply don’t have the emotional baggage that Boomers do with the word. Members of my generation cringe a little every time they hear it. Part of me suspects that our children might enjoy watching us old people react.

Of course, every time I find myself using that four-letter word, I can hear my paternal grandmother telling me, “Only people with limited vocabulary use such words.” She’s right.

The thing is, sometimes you just need to reach for the first word that comes to mind.

I know my appeal to save the F-bomb for only special occasions, such as mistakenly thinking your thumb is a nail, will fall on deaf ears.

Just remember, there may come a time when you need that go-to word and none will be available.

Greg Smith