Letters to the Editor

Letter: Where is the annexation outcry like in 2008?

To the Editor:

I wanted to comment on the article where the city of Dixon is to annex more than 600 acres of farmland for a housing development and commercial space.

When I moved to Dixon in 2008, I vividly remember an article about a farmer who wanted to take some of his farmland and use it to build a small residential area. The outcry from the city and others was incredible. The argument: Farmland is precious and there will never be any more created, so we need to ensure that existing farmland is NOT to be taken and used for residential or commercial development.

Yet here we are a few years later where several large tracts of good farmland is going to be absorbed by the city for just those uses. So I guess it only matters if it is an individual who wants to profit, but it is OK for the city to do so; especially when we know there will be deals made for tax waivers, leaving the rest of us “normal folks” to shoulder the tax burden because the city is not going to give us any waivers.

What a bunch of hypocrites.

David Wyman