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Letter: Concerned about school mask policies

Sauk Valley Letters to the Editor

I am concerned right now about the idea of only masks for those that are unvaccinated in schools. I believe that only making those unvaccinated wear masks would be devastating for those children who are not and something they really have no control over. Bullying is the most difficult thing that young people have to put up with at any time. It would kind of be like making Jews wear arm bands. Right now children are going anywhere and everywhere without masks as are people in stores and anywhere they wish to go. Telling people that are unvaccinated that they should be wearing masks has not worked as very few are wearing masks. I do when I go into a store and am vaccinated so masks are not necessarily an indication.

One thing that has not been discussed is the immunity of those that have had COVID-19. I just read that their natural immunity is just as great as those that are vaccinated. I have not heard this mentioned at all during discussions or on the news for that matter. No one seems to know how long it will last but the same is said for those who are vaccinated.

I have much sympathy for the school board and the decisions they have to make for the school year. They are being pushed by those who are politically motivated, those who just want their children back in school no matter what, and those who are truly concerned about the welfare of all children. I hope that there are more in the last group than the other two.

Joan Lemme, Dixon