Whiteside, Lee, Ogle and Carroll County state scholars named

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission has named its 2021-22 State Scholars for outstanding academic achievement.

State Scholars are chosen based on a combination of ACT or SAT test scores and sixth semester class rank, and generally represent the top 10% of their school.

The ISAC, a state agency committed to helping make college accessible and affordable, first introduced the designation in 1958.

The recognition does not include a monetary prize, but honorees will receive a congratulatory letter from ISAC and a certificate of achievement. Honorees also can download a digital Illinois State Scholar badge that can be displayed on their online profiles and social media platforms, and shared with high school counselors, prospective colleges, employers, family members and others.

The designation applies to the year the high school students will begin their post-secondary education, and this year the list includes more than 16,640 students from 676 schools.

Following is the list of students from schools within Sauk Valley Media and Ogle County Newspaper’s readership. Go to www.isac.org for the complete list.


Erie High School

Heyvaert, Ella

Johnson, Grace

Stichter, Kaylee

Wiseley, Chloe

Fulton High School

Collachia, Kylie

Dolph, Joshua

Floming, Giana

Leonhardt, Corinne

Morrison High School

Bielema, Chloe

Fulton, Anthony

Smith, Ashton

Newman Central Catholic High School

Ackert, Adrian

Trancoso, Isabella

Prophetstown High School

Brooks, Emily

Grunder, Jakob

Minssen, Sydney

Vickrey, Elexis

Rock Falls High School

Burtlow, Jermiah

Estrella, Kassandra

Fischbach, Karli

Fischbach, Kylie

Flynn, Logan

Howard, Joshua

Mount, Amelia

Osborne, Jadyn

Pinske, Savannah

Reyes, Sydney

Schreiner, Alaina

Sterling High School

Boze, William

Bresley, Kylie

Ceruzzi, Haley

Dittmar, Riley

Gasso, Ellie

Greschke, Malachi

Hubbard, McKenzie

Martinez, Jazmin

Pitkin, Olivia

Reter, Walter

Sisson, Mackenzie

Spreeman, Kimzey

Stutzke, Victoria

Winchell, Trinity

Zeigler, Amy


Amboy High School

Blaine, Brianna

Latta, Erin

Tarr, Nicholas

Ashton-Franklin Center High School

Sage, Garrett

Warner, Jared

Willstead, Brody

Dixon High School

Colby, Connor

Drengenberg, Brock

Drew, Emily

Gordon, Elsie

Gouldsberry, Mathyas

Grafton, Cadyn

Harrison, Taylor

Kirby, Jericho

Kuehl, Isaiah

Longan, Holden

Rice, Kaeden

Scott, Joseph

Shuey, Zara

Staples, Quinn

Stees, Paige

Whelan, Anna


Byron High School

Abel, Benjamin

Bukoski, Paige

Collins, Elizabeth

Dunham, Ashley

Ebens, Olivia

Freedlund, Anna

Groharing, Hailey

Johnson, Brody

Johnson, Joshua

Keefe, Alexandria

Kuehn, Matthew

Mondello, Lauren

Whitmer, Grace

Wilson, Elizabeth

Forreston High School

Dewall, James

Greenfield, Ethan

Greenfield, Mya

Krigbaum, Cora

Oregon High School

Bothe, Jadyn

Braden, Heather

Cermak, Grant

Cermak, Lydia

Hermes, Sydney

Massolle, Brody

Reckamp, Claudia

Watters, Leah

Polo Community High School

Bardell, Joseph

Blake, Marah

Clark, Harper

Hess, Kaylene

Scott, Kassidy

Stillman Valley High School

Ballard, Georgia

Brauns, Mary

Dawdy, Paige

Fitzsimmons, Jacob

Goelitz, Adam

Horton, Victoria

Hurst, Katelynn

Jones, Evan

Kittoe, Autumn

Knarr, Irene

Lagerhausen, Grace

McBee, Brenna

Medford, Emily

Orlando, Julia

Reynolds, Jayda

Schelling, Madison

Wallin, Hanna

Winstead, Sawyer

Youman, Nathaniel


Eastland High School

Homan, Shelby

Hughes, Natalie

Krogman, Karlie

Leverton, Torey

Thede, Bailey

Milledgeville High School

Miller, Damon

Moeller, Faye

West Carroll High School

Bauch, Hannah

Cavanagh, Brennon

Charles, Olivia

McGinnis, Kathryn

Kathleen A. Schultz

Kathleen Schultz is a Sterling native with 40 years of reporting and editing experience in Arizona, California, Montana and Illinois.