Companies eye Dixon for fiber broadband development

DIXON - City officials are in talks with two companies wanting to develop a fiber network in Dixon.

City Manager Danny Langloss said the interested companies would build the infrastructure for fiber broadband, expanding on existing fiber lines in town, and could complete work in a year or so.

That would create another level of competition against Comcast, and it would be an opportunity to get better pricing for higher speeds, Langloss said.

“Having fiber in town is a big deal,” he said.

It could also be a development tool for drawing additional industries or a data center.

“in terms of the future of the city, data consumption and data use are becoming a bigger and bigger part of our world, and for a rural community, staying on top of that is important,” Mayor Li Arellano Jr. said.

They are also discussing building out wifi at Heritage Crossing at the riverfront, which could be part of a future deal.

Talks have been ongoing for the past few weeks, and no official contract has gone before the council yet.

Rachel Rodgers

Rachel Rodgers

Rachel Rodgers joined Sauk Valley Media in 2016 covering local government in Dixon and Lee County.