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Property transfers for Whiteside, Lee and Ogle counties, filed Aug. 1-5

Sauk Valley property transfers

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Kenneth, Ryan and Jennifer White, Brenda Council, Jessica Vaughn and Eugene, Patrick and Scott Kostman to Toccara L. Martin, 1515 Eighth Ave., Rock Falls, $70,000.

⋅ Doug R. and Aimee R. Mouw to Ryan and Arlene Wiersema, 13564 Treva Drive, Morrison, $240,000.

⋅ Ryan M. and Arlene M. Wiersema to Ethan R. Pruis, 12120 Mason Road, Morrison, $185,000.

⋅ Mark E. and Jill Bramm to Illinois Department of Transportation, 611 Portland Ave., Morrison, $3,535.

⋅ Timothy and Mary Swearingen to Ivan L. and Darci L. Schmitt, 21190 Hickory Hills Road, Sterling, $150,000.

⋅ Christopher and Aubrey Metzler to Anthony J. Wheatley, 1801 38th Ave., Sterling, $325,000.

⋅ Terry R. and Kathy A. Kimmel Walker to Tyler J. and Ashlee M. Mendenhall, 720 Woodlawn Drive, Prophetstown, $165,000.

⋅ Jeffrey and Diane Conklen to David R. and Linda K. Geil Trust, 1416 W. 21st St., Sterling, $205,000.

⋅ Jason M. and Heather J. Rangel to Katie A. Elder, 410 W. Commercial Drive, Lyndon, $171,000.

⋅ Jason M. and Heather J. Rangel to Zachery Scott, two parcels on West Commercial Drive, Lyndon, $18,000.

⋅ Joshua J. and Erin M. Stroud to Mark Michels, 1002 W. Seventh St., Sterling, $55,000.

⋅ Douglas M. and Jessica R. Devers to Abijah Y. Castillo, 1009 Charles St., Rock Falls, $105,000.

⋅ Kristi L. Miller, Dawn M. Reed and Bonnie J. Reed Estate to Dawn Marie Reed, 1211 W. 20th St., Rock Falls, $37,500.

⋅ Melissa R. Ward, James J. Velazquez and Ruben J. Velazquez Estate to Sara A. and James L. Colbert Jr., 1215 W. 18th St., Rock Falls, $116,000.

⋅ Edward F. and Joyce M. Vandermeulen to Michael V. Allen, 13774 Rockwood Court, Morrison, $309,950.

⋅ Jackie Mayer to Nancy Baldwin, 1810 20th Ave., Sterling, $95,000.

⋅ Downie Properties LLC to John and Janet Beiler, 308 W. 12th St., Sterling, $118,000.

⋅ Nathan H. and Jordan L. Anderson Paufve to Nolan and Martha Anderson, 1500 40th St., Sterling, $375,000.

⋅ Theodore C. and Kerry James to Denis and Elizabeth Kriener, 14859 Vans Road, Fulton, $535,000.

⋅ Natalie Ann Wildt to Victoria Creen, 521 Main St., Erie, $98,000.

⋅ Glenn Netrefa to Rentco, 811 Leroy Ave., Rock Falls, $117,000.

⋅ Robert L. Arno to Daniel L. Morgan, 22180 Moline Road, Sterling, $90,000.

⋅ Douglas E. and Bonnie L. Bush to Simon and Tammi Manser, 16671 Norton Road, Morrison, $199,900.

⋅ Eric L. and April L. Frey to Stephanie N. Rhodes, 1500 Franklin St., Rock Falls, $107,000.

⋅ Anthony E. and Natalie Deseno to Rosario and Belitza Contreras Deleon, 210 Sixth Ave., Sterling, $52,500.

⋅ Anthony E. and Natalie Deseno to Corwell Properties LLC, 412 Fifth Ave. and 412 Fourth Ave., Sterling, $100,000.

⋅ Heidi L. Kolk to Tina M. Bookman, 1105 Fourth St., Fulton, $40,000.

⋅ Cody T. Benson to Donald J. Rakes, 710 Fourth Ave., Sterling, $76,500.

⋅ Chico Alexis Alejo and Jobelle D. Gamboa to Darrel W. Senior, 1415 W. 23rd St., Sterling, $130,000.

⋅ Sterling Industrial Development Commission. to FTH Holdings LLC, 405 16th Ave., Sterling, $100.

⋅ FTH Holdings LLC to Sterling Industrial Development Commission, 1103 Seventh Ave., Sterling, $100.

⋅ Vernon J. and Nola F. Tervolt to Barbara L. Kophamer, 503 N. Base St., Morrison, $62,000.

⋅ April Hinton Estate and Richard, Andrew, Rebecca, Jeffrey Jonathan and Charles Hinton to Tavereas Moore, 110 Locust St., Prophetstown, $90,000.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Linda R. Martin to Lacosha Campos, 201 Ave C, Rock Falls, $0.

⋅ Thomas L. and Charme R. Millard to Douglas E. and Bonnie L. Bush, 16671 Norton Road, Morrison, $0.

⋅ Frank Aguilar to Darren G. Dykema, 1003 1/2 Eighth Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Dowd Family Trust, Julianne and John K. Dowd Sr., trustees, to NVNG LLC, 1007 Elm St., Sterling, $119,000.

⋅ Fab Trust, Ernest W. and Ann M. Fabian, trustees, to Joellen McCue, 1010 W. 18th St., Sterling, $90,000.

⋅ Phyllis A. Huizenga Trust, Leanne K. Pruis Boylan, trustee, to Susan J. Bond, 726 Milnes Drive, unit 17, Morrison, $145,000.

⋅ Ryan C. Merema Trust to Michael A. and Jodi L. Sweeney, 1411 Ninth Ave., Fulton, $179,000.

Executors deed

⋅ Elda M. Dahlquist Estate to Douglas M. and Jessica R. Devers, 21004 Hickory Hills Road, Sterling, $209,900.


⋅ Gregory Layn to Vermave LLC, 1712 Ave C and 1713, 1717, and 1721 Locust St., Sterling, $0.

⋅ Tvre Sterling LLC to Route 2 and 43rd Avenue, 4106 E. Lincolnway, Sterling, $1,588,148.

⋅ Donna Jaworsky to Heirs LLC, 301 16th Ave., Sterling, $0.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Giuseppe, Darlene, Vincenzo and Carolina Vitale and Marguerita Attig to Basil Tree LLC, 199, 123 and one other parcel on Peoria Avenue, Dixon, $180,000.

⋅ Linda R. Hollingsworth to David C. and Paul L. Baley, 2400 W. Fourth St., Dixon (formerly Dixon Furniture Mart), $210,000.

⋅ Ted W. and Audrey M. Rowley to Joshua A. and Jamie M. Brigl, 863 White Oaks Drive, Dixon, $195,500.

⋅ Richard L. and Ardis M. Kuecker to James Lubbs and Amanda Marsh, 333 Rockside Drive, Dixon, $420,000.

⋅ Richard and Amy Ringler to Michael F. Thomas, 912 Deer Road, Dixon, $279,000.

⋅ Mackenzie Crandall to Chasity Wright, 306 Cedar St., Dixon, $92,000.

⋅ Steven T. and Kristine Dilger to Nathan R. and Jennifer L. Ross, 513 Highland Ave., Dixon, $189,500.

⋅ Gregory R. Pettenger to Southside Rental Group LLC, 214 Willett Ave., Dixon, $50,000.

⋅ Jamie M. and Joshua A. Brigl to Kay F. Tripp, 317 Apple St., Dixon, $149,000.

⋅ Esther Strege to Crystal A. Schafer, 1987 state Route 38, Ashton, $1,000.

⋅ Esther Strege to Crystal A. Schafer 1989 state Route 38, Ashton, $144,000.

⋅ Frank and Nereida Caldero to Aron and Walter Y. Gonzalez, Sonia Class Ramos and Denise Crespo, block 3, lot 201 Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $12,000.

⋅ Bradley C. and Silenia L. Browne to Margaret K. Nicolson, 2517 W. Woods St., Brooklyn, 87,000.

⋅ Mimini Properties LLC to William S. and Diane E. Thome, 602 N. Third St., Ashton, $90,000.

⋅ Jeffrey A. Deleon to Irvin and Karen Baumgardner, 303 Steward St., Steward, $222,000.

⋅ Edward C. Vock to Pollination Properties LLC, one farmland parcel in Palmyra Township, $3,263,622.

⋅ Manlius Foods Inc. to Cozy Commercial LLC, 121 N. Elm St., Franklin Grove, $45,500.

⋅ Amanda Johnson to Elizabeth M. Schrader, 1021 W. Fourth St., Dixon, $108,000.

⋅ Ben M. Brower and Joseph Homon to Bethany G. Anderson, 609 Crawford Ave., Dixon, $55,000.

⋅ Richard M. and Joyce Ann Nesslar to Jared D. and Christinamercy V. Dambman, one parcel in Dixon Township, $12,000.

⋅ Peter Paulson to David A. and Susan E. Palmer, one parcel in Nelson Township, $2,500.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Nancy A. and William C. Hunt Revocable Trust, Nancy A. and William C. Hunt, trustees, to Amber K. Haskins, 906 N. First St., Ashton, $135,000.

⋅ Patricia A. Reuter Revocable Trust, Jeffrey A. Reuter, trustee, to Paul A. and Molly A. Watson, 15 Sheehan Road, Ohio, $182,000.

⋅ Lance G. Wahl Trust, Lance G. Wahl, trustee, to Michael and Amanda Wahl, 1102 and 1106 Gregden Shores Drive, Sterling, $635,000.

⋅ Sharon E. Schleicher Trust, Sharon E. Schleicher, trustee, and Gerald R. and Sharon K. Richmond Irrevocable Trust, Paula R. Mitchell and Lynette C. Bitner, trustees, to Larry G. and Mary R. McCormick, Larry G. McCormick, trustee, 1145 Sleepy Hollow Road, Dixon, $1,275,000.

⋅ Khawaja Family Trust, Osmaan A. and Mary F. Khawaja, trustees, to Steven T. and Kristine E. Dilger, 1117 Northridge, Dixon, $415,000.


⋅ Mark J. and Margaret S. Fassler to MMF Land LLC, 11 parcels in Palmyra Township, $0.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Robert D. and Laura Burnes to Gustavo A. Gonzales and Leonel Balcazar, 3495 E. Tower Road, Byron, $272,000.

⋅ Elizabeth and Carl J. Ogren III to Eric S. and Kathleen J. Moutray, 7767 N. Kylewood Drive, Byron, $322,500.

⋅ Mary Ellen Gomez, also Kenney, to Nathaniel J. Chesley, 956 N. 12th St., Rochelle, $119,000.

⋅ Rochelle Community Hospital Association to Brent T. and Danielle Marie Carmichael, 5069 S. U.S. Route 251 and one farmland parcel, Rochelle, $2,163,105.

⋅ Christopher A. and Bruce A. Norkus to Kerns Property Management LLC, one parcel in Dement Township, $127,000.

⋅ Keith A. Scott to Jamie J. Bugarin, 808 N. Main St., Rochelle, $65,000.

⋅ Keith A. Scott to Jaime Julianna Huston, 808 W. First Ave., Rochelle, $60,000.

⋅ JTH Storage LLC to Bailey A. Hensley, 939 N. 10th St., Rochelle, $96,000.

⋅ Kishwaukee Family Young Mens Christian Association Inc. to Spartz Family LLC, 1010 N. 15th St., Rochelle (Rochelle Child Care Center and Preschool), $375,000.

⋅ Kimberly G. Hutcherson and Sean R. Janssen to Bethany Brittenham, 4779 S. Daysville Road, Oregon, $440,000.

⋅ Esmeralda Saenz to Jenifer Stencil, 322 N. Wild Cherry Drive, Dixon, $305,000.

⋅ Frank Bertolami to Dylan Anspach, 627 Cranbrook Lane, Mt. Morris, $185,000.

⋅ Brandon and Shae Watts to Trae D. Varney and Sara R. Shelburne, 8487 N. Canary Drive, Davis Junction, $250,000.

⋅ Brenda A. Schramm to Carl John and Elizabeth Corin Ogren, 7859 N. Kylewood Drive, Byron, $425,000.

⋅ Duane R. and Pamela A. Pottorff to Andrew and Jaime Kitchen, 302 S. Frederick Ave., Mt. Morris, $182,500.

⋅ Brittany N. Peterson to Jimmy D. and Gloria Hollifield, 121 Century Hill Drive, Mt. Morris, $106,000.

⋅ Christopher J. and Diana L. Weber to Daniel J. and Sandra L. Boehle, 121 Century Hill Drive, Oregon, $294,000.

⋅ Michael R. and Michelle M. Cicchetti to Dexter Wright and Kayla Stroud, 358 Misty Meadow Lane, Davis Junction, $282,000.

⋅ The late Myrna Lou Hart by executors to Michael R. and Michelle M. Cicchetti, 3156 N. Silver Ridge Drive, Oregon, $280,500.

⋅ Contry Homes Group LLC to Demarcus T. Horton and Jennifer A. Tripp, 939 White Birch Lane, Davis Junction, $242,115.

⋅ William R. and Teri M. Lagerman to Frank Huftalin, 118 W. Shirley Ave., Rochelle, $212,000.

⋅ Justin and Rayanne Hibshman to Krysta N. Kinchen, 1116 Santa Fe Ave., Davis Junction, $275,000.

⋅ RCF 2 Acquisition Trust, US Bank Trust, trustee, to Charles and Laura Ditzler, 607 S. Second St., Oregon, $58,000.

⋅ HHW Holding LLC to Dennis J. Hamel and Mindy K. Lange, 3356 S. Manor Drive, Oregon, $205,000.

⋅ Michael J. Hildreth to Alexis Ladd, 800 S. Seventh St., Rochelle, $110,100.

⋅ Roger W. Brunner to Erica M. Chestnut and Eric R. Canada, 110 S. 10th St., Oregon, $138,000.

⋅ Randall S. and Margaret M. Renne to JK Dixon Properties LLC, two parcels in Grand Detour Township, $1.4 million.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Richard E. and Shirley J. Johann Trust 96, Steven L. Johann and Brenda K. Miller, trustees, to Jared Michael Cialkowski, 7492 N. Stillman Road, Byron, $221,000.

⋅ Harold M. Brook Trust 399, Carol Bellows, trustee, to Ichiban Properties LLC, 206 S. Maple Ave., Byron, $159,000.

⋅ Harold M. Brook Trust 399, Carol Bellows, trustee, to Charles Thomas and Martha Ann Speakes Trust, Charles Thomas and Martha Ann Speakes, trustees, 206 S. Maple Ave., Byron, $15,000.

⋅ National Bank and Trust Co. RCHL Trust 74013, Central Bank IL, trustee, to Jonathan and Ocelia Marcela Nuyen, 1054 Lincoln Highway and one other parcel in Rochelle, $239,000.

⋅ Barnes Trust 1, Susan A. Engebretson, trustee, to Floyd and Shirley Smith, 616 N. Second St., Rochelle, $55,000.

⋅ KMG Trust 1, Paul A. Gilbert, trustee, to Francisco Miguel Reyes, 217 Powers Road, Rochelle, $195,000.

Sheriff’s deeds

⋅ Ogle County sheriff and Elizabeth A. Broderick to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 505 W. Hitt St., Mt. Morris, $0.

⋅ Ogle County sheriff and Michael P. Byczynski to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 103 W. Phil Parkway, Forreston, $118,300.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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