Property transfers for Whiteside, Lee, and Ogle counties

Sauk Valley property transfers

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Cody P. and Krystal Spencer to Nicolasa Padilla, 1505 10th Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

⋅ Colby M. and Cassandra Jo Raymond to Raymond Rentals LLC, 403 Broadway Ave., Sterling, $0.

⋅ Travis T. Corwell to Corwell Properties LLC, 507 E. Fourth St., Sterling, $0.

⋅ Gary J. and Becky L. Hovey to Janette Nizeyimana, 716 S. Fifth Ave., Albany, $113,000.

⋅ Lyle D. Wade Trust to Gary and Ella Bright, 422 12th St., Erie, $150,000.

⋅ Kraig A. and Julie D. Grell to John E. and Constance C. Fisk, 23401 Holly Road, Sterling, $511,500.

⋅ Will and Tracy J. Shaffer to Selby Enterprises LLC, 405 East St., Prophetstown, $10,000.

⋅ DWF LLC to BHNB Enterprises LLC, one parcel on Avenue E, Sterling, $200,000.

⋅ 14 E Third Street LLC to BHNB Enterprises LLC, 2501 Ave E, Sterling (The Boulevard Pub and Grill), $295,000.

⋅ Jack D. and Pamela S. Jones to Susan Brinkman, 609 W. Lincolnway, Morrison, $74,000.

⋅ Adrian and Angela R. Johnson to Christa R. Bertolozzi, 1207 Yates St., Rock Falls, $90,000.

⋅ Wilma Jean Smith to Michele Brown, 1818 17th Ave., Sterling, $74,000.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Sean Finn to Candy Jo Gardner, 600 First St., Rock Falls, $0.

⋅ John A. Toman to William A. Bradt, 402 W. Lincolnway, Morrison, $0.

⋅ Sandra L. and Cory W. Huisenga to Carrie A. Shallenbarger, 1127 15th Ave., Fulton, $0.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Laura C. Knie Trust to Jay Dirks, one parcel on Blue Goose Road, Sterling, $7,500.

⋅ John H. and Karen J. Mouw Family Trust to David J. and Nancy K. Weber Trust, 16061 Greenland Drive, Morrison, $267,500.

⋅ Denise L. and Steve A. McGinn Trust to Michael R. McGinn Trust, one parcel on Star Road, Prophetstown, $0.

Executors deeds

⋅ Bruce A. Grimes Estate to Amanda McGinnis, 509 Ninth Ave., Erie, $144,500.

⋅ Walter M. Heath Sr. Estate to Joshua Proud, 218 Cedar St., Morrison, $67,000.


⋅ US Bank to Richard Brauer and Gregory Layn, 25570 Indian Ridge Road, Sterling, $110,000.

⋅ Whiteside County sheriff and Kelly L. McCartney to Rock River Housing Trust, 1005 Fifth Ave., Sterling, $39,500.

⋅ Rocket Mortgage LLC and Quicken Loans LLC, formerly Quicken Loans Inc., to Mark Gary Duncan, 1118 Eighth Ave., Erie, $45,500.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Rafe A. and Christine M. Thomas, also Atkinson, to Kenneth Lukowski, 1305 Bonnie Ave., Dixon, $89,000.

⋅ Sherry A. Garrison to Jamie D. and Samantha J. Harris, 1516 Old Mill Road, Franklin Grove, $60,000.

⋅ Michael G. Burke to Dixon Balls LTD, 208 N. Elm St., Franklin Grove, $32,000.

⋅ Laurel J. and Kim F. Hansen to Addison M. Cihlar, 1505 S. College Ave., Dixon, $189,000.

⋅ Emery Michelle-Renee Spinden to Gary L. and Lori A. Greenfield, 507 Devonshire St., Dixon, $150,010.

⋅ Merlin D. and Lanette Fox to Michelle-Renee Spinden and Jaret Devin Land, 762 Marine Drive, Dixon, $247,500.

⋅ John Wesley and Norma Lorraine Atkinson to Joseph Ogg, 609 N. First St., Ashton, $81,000.

⋅ Richard G. Fay to Leonard J. and Angela Reuter, 1679A River Ridge Drive, Dixon, $225,000.

⋅ Lonnie P. Smith to Kerry R. and William Smith Jr., 205 S. Blackstone Ave., Amboy, $65,000.

⋅ Bobbie and Dennis Brandon Jeffrey to Kylee A. Williams, 622 Nachusa Ave., Dixon, $94,000.

⋅ Joanna Glen to Dennis Melas, 615 Second Ave., Dixon, $150,000.

⋅ Cynthia and James F. Taulbee Jr. to Stephanie L. Sasscer, 326 W. Lahman St., Franklin Grove, $65,000.

⋅ Matthew J. and Samantha P. Greenfield to Gina M. Reecher, 317 N. Metcalf Ave., Amboy, $134,890.

⋅ Elvis Selinas to Candace Kubow, block 6, lot 17, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $13,000.

⋅ Rick and Denell Reubin to Matthew and Taylor Boostrom, 1416 S. College Ave., Dixon, $250,000.

⋅ Dustin and Marisa A. Kibble to Joshua R. and Leslie A. Davidson, 822 S. Galena Ave., Dixon, $0.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Gail and Erin Adkins to Scott and Cori Tipsword, block 16, lot 212, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $36,500.

⋅ Bonnie D. and Walter W. Stahl to Melonie Herrera, 1214 S. College Ave., Dixon, $0.

⋅ Keith Feulling to David Widd, block 9, lot 99, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $12,000.

⋅ Timothy J. Grobe to Bethany G. Grove, 1717 W. Second Ave., Dixon, $0.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Mykola and Maureen R. Pawchuk Trust, Mykola and Maureen R. Pawchuk, trustees, to Tigerhawk LLC, 403 S. Ottawa Ave., Dixon, $150,000.

⋅ Ann B. Prestagaard Living Trust, Ann B. Prestagaard, trustee, to Samantha L. and Paul L. Francis IV, 1449 Town Line Road, Steward, $250,000.

⋅ Timbercreek Trust No. 84, Edwin D. Yingling and Bruce E. Keller, trustees, to Hvarre Properties LLC, 729 Yingling Drive, Dixon, $16,800.

⋅ Delbert C. and Susan E. Kessel Trust, Delbert C. and Susan E. Kessel, trustees, to David D. and Christina S. Schaver, four parcels in Amboy Township, $1,337,825.

⋅ Illinois Land Trust Agreement No 2015-Wkjk and Sandra J. Kissee, Bobby D. Kissee, trustee, to William Kissee, 1257 Market St., Dixon, $0.

⋅ Cheryl and Terry L. Wolford Trust, Cheryl and Terry L. Wolford, trustees, to Connektd Properties LLC, 1622 Brandywine Lane, Dixon, $100,000.

⋅ Cheryl and Terry L. Wolford Trust, Cheryl and Terry L. Wolford, trustees, to Connektd Properties LLC, 400 Hubbell Drive, Dixon, $150,000.

⋅ KKR Trust No. 92, Bruce E. Keller, trustee, to Ryan E. and Lauren Kathryn Gilbert, one parcel in Palmyra Township, $56,824.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Creston Commons LLC to Jose A. and Cristina Mascote, one parcel in Dement Township, $18,000.

⋅ Cristina M. and Justin J. Buskohl to Derek Prebula, 106 Hillside Drive, Polo, $147,000.

⋅ Spahn and Rose Lumber Co. to David A. and Kimberly N. Luepkes, 703 N. Walnut St., Byron, $625,000.

⋅ Wesley D. and Gerald A. Martin to Hillwood LLC, one parcel in Byron Township, $1,291,500.

⋅ Mark A. and Whittney A. Johnson to Jordan Sanders, 3737 W. Lightsville Road and 9095 N. Small St., Leaf River, $177,000.

⋅ Patricia L. Madden to Amber Holder, 410 S. Fifth St., Oregon, $135,000.

⋅ Brent A. Stukenberg to Jeremy Gramento, 503 E. Mason St., Polo, $75,000.

⋅ Edward and Kathryn A. Owens to Barbara Demartino, 406 N. Fifth St., Oregon, $140,000.

⋅ Pamela L. Stangley to Trever and Ashley Van Us, 703 N. 12th St., Rochelle, $171,000.

⋅ Davidson of Creston LLC to Kerns Property Management LLC, two parcels on South Transit Street, Creston, $120,000.

⋅ Randy Arnold to John James and Heather Renae Lapinski, 8775 N. Hedge Road, Byron, $125,000.

⋅ Gary M. and Kimberly D. Schneider to William Francis Cobb, one parcel in Flagg Township, $230,000.

⋅ Brooklyn D. and Robert P. Graham to Jill Steichen, 1246 Tilton Park Drive, Rochelle, $136,000.

⋅ David Shawn Pottinger to Donna Banta, 420 N. 11th St., Rochelle, $166,000.

⋅ Shawn P. and Stephanie D. Curtis to Scott E. and Heather L. Hatfield, 1126 Clifton Terrace, Rochelle, $268,000.

⋅ Gregory P. Welenc to William Heilman, 185 S. Briar Court, Oregon, $197,500.

⋅ Daniel and Valerie Haley to Robert and Brianna Rodriguez and Herbert E. and Pamela A. Kleinwachter, 333 N. 14th St., Oregon, $123,000.

⋅ Flagg-Rochelle Community Park District to David D. Chapman and Steven M. Cassidy, 735 N. Second St., Rochelle, $170,000.

⋅ Spencer L. and Karen A. Hayden to Edward J. and Sandra K. Hickey, 1222 Sunnymeade Drive, Rochelle, $107,500.

⋅ Askvig Boys Construction LLC to Moises Lopez, 914 W. Ave B, Rochelle, $150,000.

⋅ Jill J. Bier to Juan Ocampo, 2772 S. state Route 2, Oregon, $115,000.

⋅ Wiggale LLC to Philip Wilson, 100 S. 10th St., Oregon, $226,000.

⋅ Robert S. Bier Jr. to Jill J. Bier, 4165 E. state Route 64, Oregon, $106,000.

⋅ Brian and Dina Stupec to Rosanna Cordero, also Rosa, 2225 S. Daysville Road, Oregon, $123,700.

⋅ Susan C. Mexico to Lance St. Clair, 1515 E. Montague Road, Byron, $295,000.

⋅ Ian C. and Carolyn D. Wheat to Christopher J. Gerosa, 302 N. Fourth St., Oregon, $148,000.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Kurt William Powelson Revocable Declaration Trust, Kurt W. Powelson, trustee, to John E. Powelson Private Trust, John E. Powelson, trustee, two parcels on Big Mound Road, Davis Junction, $0.

⋅ Tures Family Trust, James A. and Janice R. Tures, trustees, to Adam and Rebecca Hazzard, 412 W. Washington St., Oregon, $83,000.

⋅ Gensler Trust 76, Richard E. and Mary A. Gensler, trustees, to Janet E. Laplume Trust, Janet E. Laplume, trustee, two parcels in Flagg Township, $800,000.

⋅ Janet E. Laplume Trust, Janet E. Laplume, trustee, to Gensler Trust 76, Richard E. and Mary A. Gensler, trustees, one parcel in White Rock Township and one in Flagg Township, $800,000.

⋅ JMJ Trust 6000, James A. Juriga, trustee, to Den Trust 1013, David E. Nelson, trustee, 6000 West Grove Road, Mt. Morris, $1,085,000.

⋅ E and K Olsen Family Trust, Edward C. and Karen S. Olsen, trustees, and Edward C. and Karen S. Olsen to David and Anna Louise Herndon, 602 E. Wayne St., Polo, $190,000.

⋅ Donna K. Dodd Trust 1, Karen Mellott, trustee, to Seldal Properties LLC, one parcel on Carrie Avenue, Rochelle, $970,000.

⋅ Sean M. Adams Living Trust, Sean M. and Rebecca A. Adams, trustees, to Nicholas R. Balsitis, 1448 Southfield Lane, Byron, $171,800.

Executors deed

⋅ The late Kenneth A. Nelson by executor to Stanley J. and Ashley J. Trueblood Stuart, 196 S. Fox Run Lane, Byron, $217,000.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office